Self Defense for Women

You know that feeling you get when you leave the office late and you’re the only one walking through a dark and empty parking lot towards your car? It’s scary to think that if some random thief (or worse) were to rob you (or much worse!), you would not be able to fend off their attack. When it comes to protecting yourself from danger, whether it be an attacker or a thief or a teenage hoodlum looking to score points with his friends, there are a few general safety guidelines that every women should abide by, and some basic women’s self defense strategies/techniques that every woman should know and be able to execute properly should the situation ever arise.



This is one case where prevention really is the best medicine. If you’re going out, make sure you have a friend and don’t allow yourselves to be separated. If you are going home after a long day at the office, make sure your keys and pepper spray on the same ring, and readily available. By avoiding situations where you could be putting yourself at risk, you are much less likely to become a victim. Always have rape prevention in your awareness in shady situations.

Know Where to Strike

If you do come into contact with an assailant, chances are he’s probably bigger and stronger than you are. Make sure that every hit you get in counts by aiming for vital areas like the groin, testicles, eyes, throat or temple. You aren’t going to have much luck if you and your attacker start exchanging blows. Hit them right where it counts, and as soon as they are incapacitated enough for you to break free, run like the wind.

Make use of natural weapons and strengths Nails, teeth, leg strength

Many women think that they don’t stand much of a chance against a male attacker simple because they don’t carry a gun or knife. What many women don’t consider is utilizing their god given weapons such as their teeth and nails. Clawing somebody’s eye out will make them drop their knife or at least flinch tremendously, leaving you enough leway to escape.

Trust Your Gut

Generally speaking, if your gut instinct tells you not to accept that ride home from the man at the bar, you really should listen. As a woman, you are automatically at greater risk for being raped, assaulted, kidnapped or murdered, simply because you are a woman. But you don’t have to sit back and decide that fate has already chosen its course, rape prevention is of high importance. The majority of victims become victims because they believe they aren’t at risk or they don’t do anything to prepare themselves for defending against an assailant. Be one of the smart ones and have a plan of action in place before the moment arrives. Everybody who loves you will thank you.

How to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Seasonal affective disorder is something that more people than you may realize suffer from. You may even suffer from it and not know it. The people living with this disorder are far more likely to become sad and have what many call the winter blues.

If you go all summer long feeling happy and vibrant then start to recluse, become anxious or depressed when winter rolls around, it may not just be the holidays doing it. Many think that the holidays stress them but it is in fact seasonal affective disorder.

This is something that not only adults suffer from. If you notice this pattern in an older child or teenager you may want to take them in to see a psychologist. This is a treatable condition, but it isn’t if you never take the initiative to do something about it.

Many times you will hear how the suicide rates go up around the holidays, and this is the truth.Again, it is not to be blamed on the holidays themselves, but rather the season in which they fall. If Christmas were during the warm, sunny, summer months it’s a sure fire bet that the suicide rate would not be as high. It is because of seasonal affective disorder.

Not all suicides or attempted suicides are due to this disorder during the winter months, but
a great many of them are. No one ever thinks it will happen to them or their love one. It is important not to delay treatment if you think that you may be suffering from this condition.

While some may simply undergo therapy counseling others will need medication. Most who take medication will only need it a few months out of the year. Seldom does someone go in for this disorder and find that they need year around medication unless there is an underlying condition.

Get the most out of life, and don’t watch yourself or a loved one slip away. Do what you have to in order to life a long, full, productive and happy life. Don’t succumb to the darkness that threatens to take that opportunity away lest you wake up one day and find out that many wonderful things have passed you by. You can be a part of it all, and the people who love you will be glad they were able to share love and joy with you.