Learning to Wakeboard

Wakeboarding is a fun and exciting sport to develop, but it does take skill and practice in order to do so, just like any other sport. There is equipment to buy to make sure that the sport can be experienced safely, as well as different tips and techniques to try in order to the make experience even better. There are some that have never gone skateboarding or snow boarding before and trying to wakeboard. This can make it a little more difficult since they have to get used to the foot placement and body alignment which is different from water or snow skiing, which they may be more used to doing. However, with a little practice and technique, they can become proficient at it in no time.


One of the first steps in is to buy the wakeboard. However, in order to do so, some information has to be obtained. In order for the bindings to be placed on the wakeboard, the person has to know which foot he prefers in the front and which one he prefers in the back. If he has not gone skateboarding or snowboarding he is unlikely to know this offhand and there are a couple of different ways to try it out. One way is to have someone stand behind the person while the person has his eyes closed. The person in the back will gently push the person so that he has to put a foot forward to catch his balance. Whichever foot goes forward is usually the one that will need to be in the forward placement in the bindings on the wakeboard. Another way to decide is to see which foot is the one that is usually placed into a pair of pants first.

Once that consideration is decided, then the person should choose a wakeboard that is right for their skill level. If the person is just beginning, the wakeboard should usually be a little larger and should probably have rear fins so that the board will function more accurately while the individual is learning to control it. The bindings on the wakeboard should be placed at about the person’s shoulder width apart so that the person can stand comfortably and with stability on the wakeboard. The bindings should always be checked before going out on the wakeboard and should be checked during the course of the time the person is using it to make sure nothing has gotten loose during a rough ride or a fall.