What is that Red Skin Blemish?

With all the talk of skin cancer in recent years, it’s no wonder we all go running to the doctor every time a new red skin blemish appears. However, many blemishes signify a completely different skin condition altogether. Some do not even require a trip to the doctor’s office, although it is always better to be safe than sorry. This article will cover some of the more frequent types of red skin blemish you might experience.

When the dreaded p. acnes bacteria rear their ugly heads, a red skin blemish may be one of the first signs. Acne occurs when sebaceous glands produce too much oil, blocking pores and causing bacteria underneath the surface of the skin to accumulate. The best treatment for this type of red skin blemish is a healthy skin anti blemish program designed specifically for oily skin. If the bumps become very large and painful, a dermatologist can help you find a more potent acne treatment to keep those breakouts at bay.

Rosacea is another common skin condition that is frequently diagnosed in dermatologist’s offices. This condition often begins as a red rash across the cheeks and nose that resembles sunburn. This rash can be followed up by a red skin blemish or fine red lines at the surface of the skin. If your red skin blemish was preceded by a rash, it is best to see a doctor for a definitive diagnosis and treatment plan. While there is no cure for rosacea, there are effective treatments that can minimize flare-ups and keep some of the symptoms at bay.

Cherry Angioma
This rather serious sounding condition is actually a benign tumor that appears as a cherry red skin blemish. It often appears on the torso rather than the face, and often shows up in people over the age of 40. In most cases, this type of red skin blemish does not require any sort of treatment, but it can be removed if the spot is bothersome or aesthetically undesirable. Most cherry angiomas can be removed through burning or an electrical probe, but scarring may result.

These growths can look like a red skin blemish, and most frequently appear on the arms and legs. The bumps are merely scar tissue, and rarely need any type of treatment. However, if the bump is bothersome, it can be removed through a surgical procedure. They can also be flattened by freezing with liquid nitrogen.

A red skin blemish may cause some concern, but it rarely signifies a serious condition. If you are worried about a particular red skin blemish, see your doctor for a definitive diagnosis.

Skin Blemish Treatment: A Big Responsibility

Skin blemishes are never welcomed and they do more than mar your appearance because they also put a big responsibility on your shoulders in learning how to get rid of them before they worsen. To find the right skin blemish treatment requires doing considerable amount of research so that you become more knowledgeable about the problem as too about possible treatment options. Going online is a worthwhile option because you will find many websites and even skin blemish treatment product manufacturers that are more than willing to help you learn how to get rid of the problem.

Hard To Exist

The plain truth is that skin blemishes can make your existence especially difficult what with the embarrassment and discomfort of suffering from unsightly skin blemishes. Trying to find the right skin blemish treatment will of course take up much of your time and unfortunately finding the right option is not all that easy and in fact is quite a headache in it.

What s more, using skin blemish treatment methods involves incurring recurring expenses which only add to your cup of woes. The best way of minimizing your problems is to act in time and seek out suitable skin blemish treatment options as soon as you notice the first signs of skin blemishes appearing on your skin.

The worst thing about using skin blemish treatment solutions is that often there is not one single product that will help you get rid of the blemishes and in fact you will be forced into applying a series of products that must work together to resolve the problem. This means that you should first establish which series of skin blemish treatment products will work best for you.

That in turn means consulting your dermatologist who will examine the problem and then recommend suitable skin blemish treatment. Unfortunately, skin blemish treatment requires taking a long drawn out approach as there are no quick fixes available and you also cannot find a short cut to make the blemish disappear faster.

To ensure that your skin blemish treatment passes off successfully requires that you approach the problem with dedication and commitment and you must also ensure that you don t start trying any half measures which will never work and which might actually contribute further to the problem.

If your skin is blemished then you will already have noticed red skin blemishes and this kind of blemish are often ascribed to pimples and also to zits. Typically, the skin turns red in color and there is in the center of the blemish some amount of yellow color that makes the blemish look worse than it really is.