Different Uses for a Crystal Wine Glass

Crystal wine glasses seem to be popular gifts for newlyweds and new parents, as well as anniversaries. This is for good reason as crystal wine glasses tend to be elegant and traditional. Many times people like to use wine glasses as dcor for parties and celebrations as well!

Using crystal wine glasses to spruce up a get together is a great way to get use of the gifts you love but don t always have a use for. Plus if the loved one who gifted you the glasses is invited to your get together, they re sure to be pleasantly surprised to see the glasses displayed.


Normally wine glasses would never be used as a vase. But they can be used to hold very shortly cut, fresh small flowers like dandelions or even baby s breath. Things like tiny colored rocks or sand can be used in the glass to help fill the flowers out.

Candle Holders

Using crystal wine glasses as candle holders will not ruin the glasses! This is because you will be floating votive candles in the glasses, not letting wax melt into them. Simply fill the glasses about full and put a small votive candle in the water. No wax should get on the glass but even if small amounts due, it can be scrubbed out quite easily.

Potpourri and Ribbons

Simply decorating your crystal wine glasses to be used as center pieces is a simple, cheap and easy way to decorate for any get together. Potpourri stuffed inside the glasses and ribbons tied around the top of the stems are the most commonly seen center pieces.

However, it never hurts to be creative! Try filling the glasses with treats people can enjoy. Using tootsie rolls with little ribbons tied to each end is a novel idea. Another is to use tiny mesh bags filled with 2-3 marbles for color and a little fun.

Any Will Do

When choosing to use a wine glass for dcor, even a cheap one will do! Plastic wine glasses can be filled with goodies for each individual person, kind of offering a good reason for the need to use cheaper style wine glasses. Champaign glasses also make great dcor items and can easy accommodate small flowers or silk stuffing. Either way wine glasses are a fun way to decorate, as the options are limitless. Hanging wine glass mobiles or maybe even Champaign glass towers can be great ice breakers for a party too!