You Can Do it, Build Your Own Solar Heating System

You Can Do it, Build Your Own Solar Heating System

Why would you ever rely on a professional to build your solar home heating system when you can build your own solar heating system? The thought of starting to build your own solar heating system may be overwhelming to some, but as long as you make yourself educated and are willing to learn, it really does not have to be all that hard.

How to do it

Now if you are seriously interested in getting to build your own solar heating system, you should know that it is quite a complex process. The first step is to get a solar heating system package, which should contain 8 metal pieces composed of copper pipes, copper links, and nickel pieces, and an aluminum box which will be used to support the solar heating system divided into three different parts.

Now you are also going to need a few specific tools to create your own home solar heating system. You will need a blowtorch, tin, electric screwdriver, screws, sandpaper, tools to cut the isolating material, and joints. This is obviously not a job that you are going to want to have kids around for because it can be dangerous so make sure that they are out of the way.

Now to get started and going to build your own solar heating system, you need to clean the ends of the copper links with the sandpaper. Now you want to soft-solder the copper links to the copper pipes, screw these pieces of metal together, test the watertightness of the pipes in putting pressure water inside the pipe, and then you assemble the aluminum box.

The next step to build your own solar heating system is to cut the isolating material so that you can put this in the bottom of the aluminum box that you have just assembled. Now you put the isolating material in the bottom and add the nickel pieces upper, and finally add the polycarbonate glass.

Now you are finished and this solar heating system is going to be enough to provide the heating for a small home. This is great and remember that you can do this on a larger scale if you want to provide heating for a larger sized home. As you learn more about solar power you will see that it is certainly not a difficult process as long as you know what you are doing.

Royal Caribbean The Best Caribbean Cruise Line

Royal Caribbean The Best Caribbean Cruise Line

There are many reasons that Royal Caribbean is the best Caribbean cruise line in the world. From their history to their current execution of the products they offer Royal Caribbean has everything you would expect from the best Caribbean cruise line in the world. The have cruises running all over the world and each brings something new and different to what the company has to offer.

What Make Royal Caribbean the Best Caribbean Cruise Line

In 1968 three Norwegian shipping companies came together and formed what was to become the best Caribbean cruise line in the world today. The then commissioned the Song of Norway the first ship in the fledgling companys fleet. It was completed and entered service in 1970. The second ship, the Nordic Prince, entered service in 1971 strengthening the already blossoming company. With this ship Royal Caribbean pioneers the concept of air/sea cruises by including air fare to Miami where the cruises began. In 1972, another ship the Sun Viking enters service. This establishes Royal Caribbean as a power house in cruise world with three world class ships offering seven and fourteen day cruises throughout the Caribbean.

The company was growing so rapidly that Royal decided to stretch the Sun Viking by placing an 85 foot section in the middle. This increased the capacity of the ship from 700 to 1000 people and was the first time this was ever attempted on a ship this large. In 1980 the same thing was done to the Nordic Prince. In 1982 the Song of America enters service. It is twice the size of the Sun Viking and can hold up to 2000 passengers.

In 1986 Royal Caribbean firmly establishes itself as the best Caribbean cruise line in the Caribbean by founding and building its own tourist destination Labadee. Royal continued to grow and expand, opening cruises that went all around the world. They still however continue to be very dedicated to where the cruise line was started in the Caribbean Islands, making it the top Caribbean cruise in the world.

From humble beginnings Royal now boasts some of the top chefs in the entire world. Complimenting this is some of the most opulent and plus accommodations you could ever wish to have. On top of this the list of exclusive stops you can choose from with Royal is unmatched throughout the world. You can search but you will not find a cruise line company that offers as many different cruises with as many amazing amenities that you can not find anywhere in the world.