Do Not Waste Money When You Can Rent An Audio

Do Not Waste Money When You Can Rent An Audio Book CD Instead

Renting an audio book CD is a great idea to help save some money. Times are tough and practically everyone is looking for ways to cut their budget. Purchasing an audio book CD can sometimes cost more than if you were just to buy the actual book. By renting an audio book CD you can still enjoy a relaxing hobby without breaking the bank.

Great Things About Renting An Audio Book CD

Often you have a wider selection to choose from when looking for an audio book CD to rent. Sometimes a bookstore will only carry new releases or bestsellers in audio book CD format. So if you are looking for something a little more unique than what you might find on a top ten list check out the selection of audio book CD rentals at your local library.

One great thing about getting audio book CD rentals from the library is that all the libraries in the county tend to be linked together. What this means is that you have an even greater selection to choose from than what is in any one particular library. Checkout their card catalog if you cannot locate the audio book CD you want to rent and see if you can instead find it at a different library in the county.

One thing to watch out for when renting an audio book CD is that not all audio books are presented in their full unabridged versions. If you are looking to listen to the entire book from beginning to end as it was written by the author make sure you rent an unabridged audio book CD to avoid disappointment. This is particularly true for those that have read the book and choose to listen to its audio book CD presentation afterwards. You might end up confused when you realize some parts are missing and wonder if you are confusing it with another book.

If you find that you love to read but never have the time to do so consider renting an audio book CD instead. Now you can listen to your favorite books online while still being able to accomplish other tasks at the same time. You can have the best of both worlds without having to spend money if you end up not enjoying it.

If you rent your audio book CD from a movie rental type of company you might have the added bonus of being able to purchase a version of the audio book at a greatly reduced price.

Best Compact Digital Camera With Special Auto Mode

Best Compact Digital Camera With Special Auto Mode

It is difficult to choose the best compact digital camera, because there are so many compact digital cameras available in the market. You can slip a camera like this into your pocket or your purse and it is ideal for photographers who travel a lot. The small size may be deceptive, but actually these small cameras have all the manual controls of the bigger ones and the pictures they create are absolutely perfect.


The Panasonic Lumix TZ 5 is the best compact digital camera available today. Let us look at the features available in this camera. With its 9.1 megapixels, it has a 28 mm. wide-angle lens. It may not be the best point and shoot digital camera, but it has a 10x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom.

Auto Mode

It has the power to stabilize optical images and has a 30fps movie mode with sound and a 720p HD output. Its latest intelligent Auto mode actually works out what you are trying to take. In the process, it upgrades the screen with more detail. Both its exposure and focus is automatic and there is a 3.0-inch self-adjusting LCD screen. The internal memory is 50 mb which is its secure digital storage and the battery required for this best compact digital camera is lithium-ion.

The predecessor of the Panasonic Lumix TZ 5 was one of the most popular cameras too. The newer version is also considered to be the best compact digital camera, mainly because two extra megapixels have been added to it. Though it is not the slimmest design available in the market, it is still popular because of its core features: a zoom range which is highly flexible in a small form that can easily be slipped into your pocket.

A Few Cons

This is definitely the best compact digital camera and it has gotten better. Of course if you don?t need the new features, you can still use the earlier TZ3, which has the same lens. It is only a little more than you are paying for the new version, but it is worth the money.

Maybe another disadvantage of the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 is the noise, which is above 200 ISO and the other problem is the HD mode which is not a match for a camcorder.


There are several reviews of this camera on various websites and in order to see an actual demonstration of its highlights, you can even take a video tour offered by some sites. It is possible to buy the camera online, because the prices are also given.