Do Not Waste Money When You Can Rent An Audio

Do Not Waste Money When You Can Rent An Audio Book CD Instead

Renting an audio book CD is a great idea to help save some money. Times are tough and practically everyone is looking for ways to cut their budget. Purchasing an audio book CD can sometimes cost more than if you were just to buy the actual book. By renting an audio book CD you can still enjoy a relaxing hobby without breaking the bank.

Great Things About Renting An Audio Book CD

Often you have a wider selection to choose from when looking for an audio book CD to rent. Sometimes a bookstore will only carry new releases or bestsellers in audio book CD format. So if you are looking for something a little more unique than what you might find on a top ten list check out the selection of audio book CD rentals at your local library.

One great thing about getting audio book CD rentals from the library is that all the libraries in the county tend to be linked together. What this means is that you have an even greater selection to choose from than what is in any one particular library. Checkout their card catalog if you cannot locate the audio book CD you want to rent and see if you can instead find it at a different library in the county.

One thing to watch out for when renting an audio book CD is that not all audio books are presented in their full unabridged versions. If you are looking to listen to the entire book from beginning to end as it was written by the author make sure you rent an unabridged audio book CD to avoid disappointment. This is particularly true for those that have read the book and choose to listen to its audio book CD presentation afterwards. You might end up confused when you realize some parts are missing and wonder if you are confusing it with another book.

If you find that you love to read but never have the time to do so consider renting an audio book CD instead. Now you can listen to your favorite books online while still being able to accomplish other tasks at the same time. You can have the best of both worlds without having to spend money if you end up not enjoying it.

If you rent your audio book CD from a movie rental type of company you might have the added bonus of being able to purchase a version of the audio book at a greatly reduced price.

Best Compact Digital Camera With Special Auto Mode

Best Compact Digital Camera With Special Auto Mode

It is difficult to choose the best compact digital camera, because there are so many compact digital cameras available in the market. You can slip a camera like this into your pocket or your purse and it is ideal for photographers who travel a lot. The small size may be deceptive, but actually these small cameras have all the manual controls of the bigger ones and the pictures they create are absolutely perfect.


The Panasonic Lumix TZ 5 is the best compact digital camera available today. Let us look at the features available in this camera. With its 9.1 megapixels, it has a 28 mm. wide-angle lens. It may not be the best point and shoot digital camera, but it has a 10x optical zoom and a 4x digital zoom.

Auto Mode

It has the power to stabilize optical images and has a 30fps movie mode with sound and a 720p HD output. Its latest intelligent Auto mode actually works out what you are trying to take. In the process, it upgrades the screen with more detail. Both its exposure and focus is automatic and there is a 3.0-inch self-adjusting LCD screen. The internal memory is 50 mb which is its secure digital storage and the battery required for this best compact digital camera is lithium-ion.

The predecessor of the Panasonic Lumix TZ 5 was one of the most popular cameras too. The newer version is also considered to be the best compact digital camera, mainly because two extra megapixels have been added to it. Though it is not the slimmest design available in the market, it is still popular because of its core features: a zoom range which is highly flexible in a small form that can easily be slipped into your pocket.

A Few Cons

This is definitely the best compact digital camera and it has gotten better. Of course if you don?t need the new features, you can still use the earlier TZ3, which has the same lens. It is only a little more than you are paying for the new version, but it is worth the money.

Maybe another disadvantage of the Panasonic Lumix TZ5 is the noise, which is above 200 ISO and the other problem is the HD mode which is not a match for a camcorder.


There are several reviews of this camera on various websites and in order to see an actual demonstration of its highlights, you can even take a video tour offered by some sites. It is possible to buy the camera online, because the prices are also given.

Non Profit Fundraising Software: Make Your Pick

If you are getting involved in fundraising, one of the best things that you can do is purchase some non profit fundraising software, as this will make the entire process as easy and smooth for you as possible. You want your fundraising to go by with as few glitches as possible, so that you can focus all of your attention on making money and making profit for the organization.

Everyone loves to get involved in fundraising, and if you have not before you definitely should consider it. If there is anything special in your life that you would like to do a fundraiser for, you can certainly make it happen.

Getting non profit fundraising software is the first step here, and of course you are going to need to know which is the best non profit fundraising software product so you can ensure that your money is going to be well spent. There are two in particular that are definitely worth considering and which are known for being non profit fundraising software that are effective in almost all fundraising situations.

Choosing Your Software

If you are involved in fundraising for non profit group, you want to choose just the right software product. Fundraising database software has truly gone from being a luxury to an everyday necessity for most development programs, however you do need to keep in mind the fact that unlike most other software genres, rather than facing just a few choices, here you will have a multitude of options at your disposal.

This includes everything from comprehensive proprietary packages with sophisticated add-on modules to introductory-level shareware that is easily usable by the novice fundraiser.

You need a database non profit fundraising software that is going to be able to record, track, report, manage, and implement your development program, so where do you begin?

The best idea is to begin your search with a thorough analysis of your current development program. Map out your initiatives, available computer equipment, budget, and staffing on paper before you even start to look at the different software packages, as this way you will better know what you are looking for and make the process as quick and easy on yourself as you can.

The good news is that there are tons of worthwhile, effective options available to you here, so instead of becoming overwhelmed, take it in stride and consider it as being a good thing and know that as long as you put some time and effort in here, you can choose the perfect software for your fundraising needs.

Corporate Holiday Wine Gift Baskets Make Great Company Gifts

If you work in the corporate setting and you need to buy a holiday gift for someone you work for or with, you have many options. You have to be careful, however, as you dont want your reputation tarnished with a horrible or offensive gift. You want a gift with class and something that shows you really care. Thats where a corporate holiday wine gift basket can make all the difference in the world. With a corporate holiday wine gift basket, you can create that truly unique holiday gift basket and you can fill it with wine, cheeses, a bottle opener and anything else you feel like putting inside. Its a great company gift for your boss, your coworkers or even your subordinates.

What Kind Of Wine Do They Like?

If you know the person youre giving the corporate holiday wine gift basket to, try to find out what kind of wine they like. If youre not sure even after knowing them for a while, youre in the same boat as someone would be if they didnt know the recipient of the gift basket at all. In this case, ask people close to the recipient. Or, just ask during casual conversation what type of wine they like. You should be able to find out during a casual conversation without letting on that youre making a corporate holiday wine gift basket. Just say you like wine and ask them if they like it too. People love to talk about themselves so you should have no trouble gleaning this type of information from anyone, even your boss or bosses.


Once youve selected the wine for your corporate holiday wine gift basket, youre going to want to fill the basket with other things that go along with that wine. There are certain cheeses that go perfectly with certain wines. Research this and fill the corporate holiday wine gift basket with those kinds of cheeses. Dont forget the bottle opener and maybe a couple of glasses. An extra great idea could be to have those glasses monogrammed. Depending on how much money you want to spend, who the corporate holiday wine gift basket is for, and how big the basket is; you have complete freedom to put anything in the gift basket that you see fit.

Youll impress the powers that be, youll be the hit of the corporate function and youll likely give the best gift out of anyone because its more personal than anything you could ever buy right off the shelf.

Entertain Yourself With An Audio Book On CD

A great way to relax and pass time is to listen to an audio book on CD. An audio book on CD can be a little expensive. If you think you might enjoy listening to an audio book one great way to test them out before you buy one is to rent an audio book on CD. By renting an audio book on CD you can save money while still enjoying listening to one of your favorite books. You can find them at many video rental stores and at your local library.

Great Places To Relax And Enjoy An Audio Book On CD

If you are headed to the beach this summer do not forget to pack a CD player in your luggage. Now look through your collection of audio books on CD and pick your favorite. While you are enjoying lying on the beach you can relax and listen to a great story during your vacation.

If you are taking a long plane flight you might be concerned about passing time and being bored. Bring an audio book on CD will help to alleviate boredom by keeping you entertained for the duration of the flight as they tend to be several hours in length. Before you know it you will have arrived at your destination!

A long commute to work each day is another great opportunity to pop in your favorite audio book CD. Instead of getting frustrated by traffic you can occupy your thoughts with the book you have chosen to listen to. Long commutes have the tendency to eat up audio books on CD pretty quickly. If you enjoy listening while you drive you may want to head to your local library and check out a few new ones to enjoy each week.

Runners also can enjoy listening to audio books on CD. Whether you are out jogging on trails or running on a treadmill, listening to an audio book is a great way to distract yourself from the exercise. Maybe you might even run a few extra miles because you got to a good spot in your book and you wanted to keep listening to it.

Depending on what type of job you have you might be able to listen to your audio book on CD at work. What a better way to relax while you are working than with a good audio book on CD. Make sure to consult your employee handbook to make sure that it will not violate any rules.

Molding A Chocolate Bar

Molding A Chocolate Bar

A chocolate bar may seem very common for many people but the pleasure it invokes in the recipient or the consumer of the said bar is enough to seem like a sin. There are many different varieties of chocolate that can be made into a chocolate bar. The more expensive kinds of varieties of chocolate are usually used to make the finer brands that are in the market today. Finer chocolate contain more coco butter than the common variety that sells cheap.

A chocolate bar is one of the more common forms or molds that a chocolate product can take the form of. There are specific chocolate bar molds into which the tempered chocolate is poured into to create a uniform finished product. Depending on the manufacturer, molds for the chocolate bar can entail the addition of other ingredients such as nuts or fruits to achieve a desirable flavor.

Kinds Of Molds For Chocolate

These days the more common molds for a chocolate candy bar can be made from plastic or metal. Designs can be given to any chocolate mold to make the finished product look more desirable and elegant. For mass produced bars of chocolate, manufacturers usually used the sturdier metal molds that can be either plain or have the customary design for the said company producing the chocolate bar. Many of the sources for chocolate actually mold the chocolate into bars before these are sold off to other chocolate producers.

For those who wish to make the chocolate bar in their homes, the plastic kind of mold might suffice. It is best to be sure that the mold you have purchased can withstand the heat and will not react to the chocolate. Shallow molds are not recommended since these make the chocolate bar look less solid and less desirable. The deeper chocolate molds will produce the richer chocolate taste since the chocolate may have more flavor if there is more of this. Molds with designs are also recommended to make the finish product look more professionally made.

The molds for the chocolate are not recommend for soaping since the soap may leave residual taste which can ruin the overall taste of the chocolate bar. One can clean the molds by just waiting for the chocolate to harden and then flaking or scraping it off gently. One can use a spatula for this or a blunt instrument since knives might score the plastic molds used to make the chocolate bar.

What is the Best Nonprofit Fundraising Idea I Can Use?

What is the Best Nonprofit Fundraising Idea I Can Use?

So maybe you have never been involved with fundraising before and are wondering what the best nonprofit fundraising idea is that you can use. If you are wondering what the best nonprofit fundraising idea is, then first and foremost you need to realize that there is actually no one single idea.

When it comes to the best nonprofit fundraising idea, there are actually quite a few, and it really all depends on your particular situation is, who is involved, and what the fundraising is for.

Surf the Web

If you want to come up with the very best nonprofit fundraising idea for your circumstances, using the Internet will be one of the best possible things that you will ever do. The Internet is a tremendous resource, one that can help you out enormously here, and which will offer you more options than you ever imagined.

By spending as little as a few minutes on the Internet, you will not only be able to come up with a fantastic nonprofit fundraising idea, but as well you will be able to communicate with other people who have already been involved in fundraising before and who will be able to offer you their ideas and advice.

There are various forums and chat rooms that you can access which will offer this sort of information and in chat rooms you can actually even talk live to people which will offer you the ability to get all your questions answered and make this entire process as easy and convenient on yourself as you can.


If you really want to get involved here and have success, you are going to want to get the right non profit fundraising software, which will make this process go smoothly. The software will offer databases and recording technology which will allow it to be much easier to manage the fundraiser, especially if you have a lot of people involved.

There are actually quite a few different fundraising software products out there that you can choose from, so it is important that you take the time to figure out which is going to work best for your particular circumstance. The best fundraising software products will offer trial downloads, which means that you can basically test out the software for the given period of time which is usually around 30 days, afterwards which you will have to either give it up or purchase the software to keep it.

Holiday Wine Gift Baskets Are Classy Yet Cheap To Make

Holiday Wine Gift Baskets Are Classy Yet Cheap To Make

If youre invited to a holiday party or some other holiday function and you need to bring a gift, a holiday wine gift basket is a fantastic idea. Its customary to bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party. A holiday wine gift basket takes that idea one step further. The holiday wine gift basket can contain more than just wine. You can also put wine glasses, a wine bottle opener, some cheeses that go well with that type of wine, as well as other snacks. When you fill the holiday wine gift basket to the brim with wine and other wine related items, youre giving a gift the host will love and it will also make a great holiday gift for anyone on your list.

A Gift With Class

Giving a holiday gift basket can sometimes be nerve wracking. Sometimes, youre just not sure if the person will like everything youve put inside the basket. This can be the case when youre giving a corporate holiday gift basket for instance. Giving a bad gift in a corporate setting could hurt your chances within that corporate infrastructure. However, a holiday wine gift basket is perfect for those corporate affairs or any other occasion where you want to convey a classy image.

What Goes Inside?

Making a holiday wine gift basket isnt hard at all. Simply choose the wine youd like and then fill the holiday wine gift basket with things that go especially well with that wine. If youre not that knowledgeable about wine and youre not sure what wine goes with what, your local liquor store should have plenty of people to talk to regarding this subject. Or, you can go online and study the difference between red and white wines, the foods that go with them as well as other gift basket ideas involving wines. There are so many variations on the holiday wine gift basket that anything you put in there is likely to be a hit.


You dont have to get some expensive wine to put in your holiday wine gift basket. Sometimes, the wines that dont cost that much taste just as good or better than the high dollar wines. If youre not sure which wine to get, again, just ask the people who work in your local liquor store. Tell them you need wine for a holiday wine gift basket and that youre trying to save a little money.

Where to Download Audio Book: Top Sites

If you are interested in learning where to download audio book, you should know the good news is that you have a plethora of options available to you here. Because of the power and resourcefulness of the Internet, there are literally thousands of different websites that you can go to if you want to know where to download audio book.

Here are a few of the top websites from around the world that will be worth you checking out if you want to download an audio book CD.

Libraries on the Go

The Libraries on the Go site is a great one to check out if you want to know where to download audio book. Using this site is very easy, and if you ever need help there is a quick guided tour that you can take which will explain everything and show you just how great of a company they really are.

They offer one of the largest selections of audio books around, and so no matter what name or genre you may be looking for, you should be able to find it here.

The Audio Bookstore

Then there is also The Audio Bookstore which will be worth checking out if you want to know where to download audio book. They are dedicated to bringing customers the very latest audio books available in downloadable format. Their large online collection allows users to instantly download audio books to any iPod or MP3 player, and they offer various categories to choose from.

Browse through their collection to find audio books by some of the most well known authors in the world, from James Patterson and John Grisham to Stephen King and Ernest Hemingway.

Some of their downloads are free but the ones that do cost money are affordable, so you can always get a great deal no matter what book you are interested in downloading. Even the new books are reasonably priced for download.

These are certainly not the only places out there, so if you want to know where to download audio book, you should really take a bit of time to browse through the selection out there and find the download site that is best for you.

For instance maybe there is a particular genre that you are interested in that you cannot find at the basic audio download site so you will need to search more thoroughly and find a site that offers it.

A Peek at the New Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: Oasis of the Seas

A Peek at the New Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship: Oasis of the Seas

If there’s one thing Royal Caribbean knows how to do, it’s make big ships. This has been true of their Freedom cruise ships that all boast 160,000 tons, making them the biggest ships in the sea to date. However, the new Royal Caribbean cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, will outsize them all with 40% more space an actual neighborhoods right onboard to explore. This all new Royal Caribbean cruise ship is scheduled to hit the water in December of 2009, but the buzz in the cruise industry is already going around. While Royal Caribbean has led the pack in size and innovation before, this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will raise the bar on cruise vacations, making this the best Caribbean cruise ship by far.

Neighborhoods to Explore
This new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will feature seven distinct neighborhoods to explore while sailing the high seas. The three that have been announced so far include the Royal Promenade, which will take the current promenade on Royal Caribbean ships a step further; Central Park, which will feature real grass and trees right onboard this new Royal Caribbean ship; and the Boardwalk, which will offer a Coney Island feel with traditional carnival games and the first carousel at sea.

An Aqua Theater
Another innovative addition to this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will be an Aqua Theatre that will function as a pool by day and an entertainment venue at night. The pool will go to a depth of 18 feet the deepest on any cruise ship today which provides the perfect location for scuba diving lessons in between ports of call. At night, this theatre in water will include synchronized fountain shows and acrobatics performed by professional gymnasts and aerialists. This all new Royal Caribbean ship is sure to offer entertainment that has never been experienced on a cruise vacation before.

Innovative Accomodations
Forget the traditional staterooms of the past, this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship will offer New York style lofts and suites with balconies that overlook the scenic Boardwalk. The same suites that have been popular on other vessels will be offered on this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship as well. Standard staterooms will also offer modern amenities like additional storage and flip-up night tables to provide additional space.

The Oasis of the Seas will provide unbelievable amenities and accommodations that have never been seen on the open sea before. With unusual accommodation choices and a host of neighborhoods to explore, this new Royal Caribbean cruise ship is sure to be a hit in the cruise industry.