Putting Together Bridal Jewelry For The Bridal Party

??A wedding is an exciting time that is filled with plans and expectations. The bride and groom are kept busy making arrangements for everything from the cake, reception to where the honeymoon will take place. Remembering the bridal jewelry for the wedding party may not be on the top of the list, but it is an important part of the wedding.

Bridal jewelry is the jewelry that traditionally the bride gives as a gift to the members of the bridal party. Most bridal jewelry consists of a necklace and earrings but a bracelet can also be part of the set. Bridal jewelry is significant in that it not only marks a thank you to the bridal party, but it is a personal gift from the bride to her party.

Deciding On What Will Work

When looking at bridal jewelry, the bride needs to consider what types of dresses are being worn. Depending on the neckline, bridal jewelry should accent the dress, so if it is a lower neckline the length of the necklace can be longer. Make sure to have a good idea on the length of necklace needed so that the entire outfit works together.

The style of earrings is another factor to consider. Drop earrings may be too dressy for a morning wedding, although they can work if they are not to ornate. Since not everyone has pierced ears, it can become difficult to find jewelry that all matches if there is a need for clip on earrings.

Often, bridal jewelry is made of classic designs and materials such as pearls or beads. This type of material can match almost any dress and looks stylish and won’t be out of place at almost any wedding. Bridal jewelry is a way to complete the bridal party’s outfits and let them know how special they are to the bride and groom.

Finding It

There are companies that sell bridal jewelry on-line that are able to match pierced to clip earrings. These sites are simple to locate and they usually have reasonable prices on their items.

Local jewelers can also help put together a matching set of bridal jewelry, and in fact getting in touch with someone that makes jewelry can also be a great idea. Many jewelry designers have materials at their homes that a bride can then pick through to select the perfect gifts for her bridal party. This can also be a great way to truly individualize a bridal jewelry gift and make it something special.

The Beauty Of Handmade Jewelry From India

??Anything that is handcrafted deserves special recognition because it involves such a lot of effort. It showcases an invisible connection with history in the form of the craftsmanship. If you ever travel to India, do make it a point to see some of the local handmade jewelry
wherever you go. You will be both delighted and thrilled by what you would see.

This country has a huge number of artisans and handicraft people who are gradually fading away because they are unable to sustain themselves and their families with the proceeds from their work. Though these master handicraft people can produce some amazing handmade jewelry, applying the knowledge that has been passed on from father to son for centuries, they choose to work as unskilled laborers because it pays better.

Types To Choose From

When it comes to handmade jewelry, there is something for everyone in India. You have the tribal jewelry which is bold, loud and exceedingly attractive. The tribal people use animal products such as horn, bone, skin and hair for their jewelry making it unique. Other materials often used are wood, alloy metals, copper, and glass.

The designs of the tribal handmade jewelry are surprisingly contemporary and inspiring. You will be amazed to see what the tribal people can do with rice stalks and husk. Owing to their love for color and different textures, the indigenous tribes use glass beads, sea shells and even fish bones and scales to make jewelry. The fish scale handmade jewelry is too marvelous to describe in words.

If you love something made of silver, you can be dazzled by the choices you get there. You could choose from among the dainty and exquisite filigree jewelry that would fill you with wonder at the intricacy of their designs; of you could opt for chunky and trendy jewelry that would make excellent accessories for any ensemble. Every handcrafted piece of jewelry is a masterpiece that would awe anyone who sees it.

For the high end tourists, there is the gold handmade jewelry. Here, too, you could have your choice between exceedingly dainty filigree gold and the chunkier styles. For those who want something special, you could have your jewelry done to order by the craftsmen who will amaze you with their talent and expertise.

You Can Make A Difference

It is impossible not to fall in love with the handmade jewelry you find in India. Wearing it would make you feel you are carrying a little piece on this amazing country with you always. Besides the delight that this type jewelry would give you, you would enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in the life of the artisans and with it keep a wonderful art alive with your purchase.

Travel Tips India

??The Good, The Bad, And The Safety Tips For Traveling To India

Whether you are traveling to India for business or pleasure, travel tips can determine how enjoyable your trip will be. In India, there are many attractions that draw thousands of tourists every year, such as the Taj Mahal and the various Hindu temples. However, India is also the host of crime, disease, and several other negativities. When traveling to India, follow a few tips to ensure that your enriching cultural experience abroad is not hindered by food poisoning or sunburn.

Chorea, Hepatitis, Malaria Oh My!

India is home to many risky diseases, including meningitis, dengue fever, dysentery, chorea, hepatitis, malaria, and typhoid. Travelers from the United Kingdom, Canada, or the United States do not require a vaccination certificate when entering the country, but tourists from other countries are required to show one upon entry. Wherever you are coming from, it is extremely important to be vaccinated against all of these diseases before visiting India. This travel tip is perhaps one of the most important ones of all it could save your life.

Other travel tips when visiting to India include bringing mosquito repellents, nets, and sprays. These precautions will help to ward of the pesky mosquitoes that spread dengue fever and malaria.

Avoid The Germs

You should be careful about consuming any food or water when you travel to India. Avoid raw vegetables and pork, and you should never eat anything from a street vendor.

Water is typically not clean, so it is important that you aware of where your water is coming from. Try to ask for bottled water whenever possible. If all else fails, follow this tip when you travel to India: use iodine or chlorine tablets to purify your water. Although it important not to use too many of these, they kill most water-born diseases and can work great in a pinch.

Oh, The Sun!

India s climate is extremely warm, especially in the south during the months of March, April, and May. To avoid dangerous sunburns or dehydration, make sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and drink a lot of clean water. You can also purchase a sun umbrella to carry around with you, a practice common of many Indian women.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Your trip to India could be an experience of a lifetime, or it could be a complete and utter disaster. Practicing caution and using travel tips when visiting India will ensure that you experience the good side of vacationing in India.

Finding Estate Jewelry

??Before the invention of the internet, collectors would visit garage sales and estate sales in order to find quality vintage jewelry. Today, buyers can shop on-line to find all sorts of different types of estate jewelry that they are searching for.

Estate jewelry is sometimes not seen as very valuable. It can be hard for people to determine if Great Aunt Sally’s necklace is actually collectable or just a memento. Jewelry can be divided up into categories to try and help decide if something is valuable or just a family keepsake.

What Is Vintage Jewelry?

Vintage jewelry is classified as jewelry that is over 30 years old. Antique jewelry is jewelry that is over 100 years old. Vintage jewelry can also be made from real or less desirable stones, and often the designs are so unique that people can’t tell if the jewelry is real or fake.

The term costume jewelry can also be used in conjunction with a type of vintage jewelry. As during the early 1900’s costume jewelry was all the rage in Europe. The trend caught on in the United States after the First World War. Costume jewelry is very collectable, and that s why so many buyers flock to estate sales.

Trends and styles change in jewelry just as in clothes. Many collectors have a specific time period or designer that they are interested in. For buyers visiting estate sales and looking for estate jewelry, it can be exciting to find that one piece that exemplifies a time from the past.

On-line Selling

Many are beginning to see the power of selling estate jewelry on-line. Not only does this medium allows for more shoppers to view pieces it can ignite bidding wars that will build the price. Estate jewelry can run the gambit from broaches worn during the 1950’s to more modern pieces. Estate jewelry is considered that category if it is a piece of jewelry that has been worn, that can include a 10 year-old necklace to an engagement ring.

Estate jewelry can also be purchased by companies on-line that then intend to re-sell it. There are many companies that are interested in this type of business and they can be found by searching the web. Make sure that it is a legitimate company and finding companies in your area can help ensure that it is a real business. Often these companies will buy the estate jewelry to pull out the stones and then re-set them in other pieces.

Jewelry Cleaner How To Clean And Store Your Jewelry At Home

??If you are one of those people who are fond of collecting different pieces of jewelry, you should learn how to store and clean your jewelry to prolong their lifespan. Always remember that even precious stones tend to become dull and stained over the years. If you do not use the right jewelry cleaner to clean your jewelry, your precious stones and metals will not last long.

Bad Chemicals

You see, some types of jewelry cleaner contain harsh and harmful chemicals that can damage your jewelry. You should be very careful when using jewelry cleaner. When shopping for jewelry cleaners, go for those products that do not contain ammonia or any abrasive substances.

Ammonia and abrasive substances bad news for your jewelry so read the labels of jewelry cleansing products carefully before you buy them. Moreover, you should also avoid that jewelry cleaner that uses citrus based ingredients. Some citrus based products are so acidic that they tend to promote discoloration in some types of precious metals.

Cleaning Your Jewelry Collection

Avoid using any soap based or chemical based jewelry cleaner as much as possible. If your jewelry does not really appear to be very dirty, just use water and a soft cloth to clean it up. Wet the soft cloth and then gently rub it on the surface of the jewelry. If you can remove the dirt by simply using water, try using some toothpaste.

Wet the jewelry and apply some toothpaste on its surface. Rub the surface of the jewelry with a soft cloth to remove the dirt. You may also use a soft brush to gently brush off the dirt from the jewelry. After brush the jewelry, rinse it with warm water. You should be able to remove most if not all of the dirt from your jewelry through this process.

On the other hand, if your jewelry is badly stained and no amount of washing and scrubbing can remove the stain, use water based jewelry cleaner first to clean your jewelry. If does not work, go for those chemical based products.

A word of caution, though — chemical based jewelry cleansing products are more suitable for studier types of materials so if your jewelry is made of less study materials, think twice about using these chemical based products. Chemical based jewelry cleansing products are certainly not designed to clean most types of fashion jewelry, so forget about using this stuff to clean your favorite fashion jewelries.

Tips For Travel In Russia

SO you want to visit Russia… how hard can it be? Maybe the most difficult and time consuming visa process you will encounter in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s totally worth it… here’s your guide to visiting Russia for the first time.

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Russia has always seemed a mystery to foreigners. A great number of stereotypes and controversial facts arise in mind when a person hears the word Russia. These stereotypes, cultivated to a great degree by mass media, may even scare a foreigner who has never visited our country. When one tries to find answers to all the questions about Russia one may have, he may face a lot of difficulties. Russia is not behind the iron curtain any more, nevertheless, people from other countries cannot understand Russian way of living, Russian strange but so wonderful character.

The Russians are very helpful and many people speak English, especially in bigger cities. But those who are preparing to visit Russia should at least learn the Russian alphabet to be able to read the names of cities and towns, metro stations, street signs and other important information. Even basic knowledge of the Russian language show respect and is warmly welcomed. Besides, Russian is very helpful for making good bargains at street markets and dealing with taxi drivers.

Malaysia Travel Tips

??How to Find Malaysia Travel Tips

Malaysia is unlike any place in the United States. It has a different beauty, a different culture, and a different type of hospitality. Traveling in Malaysia is very different than anything you may experience in the States, so before traveling to this beautiful country you may want to find some Malaysia travel tips to assist you on your vacation.

Websites Offering Malaysia Travel Tips

There are many avenues to find Malaysia travel tips that can help you on your way. Today, the avenue that most people turn to is the internet. With just a few clicks, you can find a wealth of information about traveling in Malaysia. These sites let travelers know what to look out for, what attractions are in the area, which hotels are best to stay in, and what areas to avoid. Some sites discuss Malaysia as a whole, while others focus on one particular city.

Sites dedicated to Malaysia travel tips vary in the amount of information they provide. The best sites for finding the travel tips are sites created by the tourist industry in Malaysia. These sites offer the most comprehensive information about travel in Malaysia, and often have the most accurate information. These sites are created to draw visitors to Malaysia, so they tend to not discuss anything negative or detracting about the country or its attractions.

Other sites may not have as much information, but they will spotlight the positives and negatives of traveling in Malaysia. These Malaysia travel trips are not updated as frequently, so the information may not be accurate at the time you read them. If in doubt, try another site and see if they are reporting the same information. These sites also may include traveler s reviews, which provide an in-depth look at the attractions without the spin of marketing. This is your chance to see how the hotels and attractions compare for other travelers.

Travel Guides for Malaysia

Another good resource for Malaysia travel tips is to borrow or purchase a travel guide about the country. Travel guides can be found at the library, at local book stores, and at travel agencies. These books offer the most information about traveling in Malaysia. Be sure to check the publishing date to ensure you are getting up to date information about traveling in Malaysia. Because Malaysia is so different from the United States, it is a good idea to get as much information about the country and the area you are visiting as you can before leaving for your trip. Knowing what obstacles to avoid beforehand will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

How To Choose Diamond Jewelry

??It is important to learn how to choose diamond jewelry before heading out and attempting to do it on your own, especially if you have little to no past experience with this. When you are trying to choose diamond jewelry, there are a few aspects that are of particular importance.

The Four C s

When you hear people talking about the four c s of diamonds, they are referring to the cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These are the top most criteria that one needs to become familiar with when it comes to diamond jewelry, and what will help you to determine what the actual value of the diamond piece is.

Cut is the first issue to deal with when dealing with diamonds. The cut of a diamond is what allows it to make the best use of light, and when a diamond is cut correctly the light is reflected from one facet to another and then is dispersed through the top of the stone. Therefore, the better the cut of the diamond the more light will be reflected and the more expensive and beautiful the diamond will be.

The color of the diamond is also very important to consider when choosing diamond jewelry. Diamonds range in color but the very best color for a diamond is no color at all because this will show off the extraordinary beauty of the natural diamond.

Clarity is next on the list to consider here, and a diamond s clarity is determined by using a 10-power magnifying glass and a trained eye. Finally you want to find out the carat weight. This is the last thing to consider before buying diamond jewelry, and the carat weight of a diamond is its weight measured in carats.

It is important that you never rush into buying a piece of diamond jewelry, because there are so many different aspects to consider and of course because diamond jewelry is usually quite expensive. You should always take your time and evaluate your choices carefully when you are looking for any type of jewelry, to ensure that you find just the right piece and get the most for your money.

It is also very important that you take the time to decide on a good place to shop. Make sure that any jewelry company you are considering shopping at is legit and longstanding and has a respected reputation. This way you will ensure that you are dealing with the best and getting the finest jewelry.

Airline Travel Tips

??Airline Travel Tips to Make Travel Days more Pleasant

It is an unfortunate fact of life: airline travel simply isn t what it used to be. Travelers have gone from full meals, to snacks, to peanut bags and finally to mere soft drinks and coffee. Schedules are challenging to keep, security is a long and painful process, and who wants to think about the size of the airplane restrooms? If you are a frequent airline traveler, you understand the difficulty and frustrations that face passengers today. The good news is that there are a few airline travel tips that can go a long way in making your travel days more pleasant and comfortable.

Before you Fly

The first airline travel tips that you can follow will occur before you ever board the plane. First, make sure that you get to the airport with the recommended two hours to spare. This extra time will help to ensure that you get through security without jeopardizing your chances of making your flight and hopefully grab a bite to eat before you board. Keep in mind that liquids will not make it through the security staff, so wait to grab that Starbucks until you are actually on your concourse. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off, since you will probably be doing just that in the security line, and keep your clothing loose and comfortable as well.

Stock your carry-on bag with any medications that you will require on your trip, and keep them in the original packages or bottles. Another good airline travel tip is to keep any valuable jewelry or electronics on your person, instead of tucking them into bags that will be checked. Keep your photo identification and your boarding pass handy, because you will be showing them a number of times before you make it to your gate. Once on the concourse, grab a light meal and a bottle of water or two if time permits. You are now ready to fly.

On Your Flight

An important airline travel tip to keep in mind while in the air is to get up and walk a bit every hour or two if conditions permit. This will keep your legs in working order, and may prevent a more serious condition called deep vein thrombosis, or a blood clot in the leg. When that seatbelt sign doesn t come off, at least keep the area under the seat in front of you clear so that you can stretch your legs a bit. Keep your carry-on bag in the bin above you, after you remove your crossword puzzles and water bottle, of course. If you are prone to motion sickness, keep your vision focused straight ahead and avoid alcoholic beverages before and during your flight. There are also over the counter medications that work effectively in preventing motion sickness. With a bit of preparation and a few good airline travel tips under your belt, you can go far in making your travel day as pleasant as possible.

Airline Security Travel Tips

??The Importance of Airline Security Travel Tips

As we all know, airline security has become an important part of traveling these days. There are so many new rules and regulations to keep up with, it is mind boggling. Add the fact that the rules are constantly changing to reflect new or perceived threats, and it is almost impossible for the average American to keep up what the rules actually are. This is why many individuals are turning to websites that offer airline security travel tips before traveling.

In recent years, many items and substances have been banned for transport in carry-on luggage. From lighters to shampoo to mouthwash, the list is a lengthy one. This is why many travelers log onto websites offering airline security travel tips before flying. There, they can research the most recent list of items and substances that are no longer allowed on flights. Finding out what these items are before arriving at the airport can save the traveler a lot of headache and hassle.

If you are found to have a banned item in your possession at the airport security checkpoint, you have three choices. You must either relinquish the item to security, give the item to someone you trust for return when you arrive back home, or you must take the item back to your car, causing you to wait in the security line all over again possibly missing your flight. It is much easier to read the airline security travel tips before hand to ensure that any banned items are not carried in your carry-on luggage.

Where To Find Airline Security Travel Tips

Airline security travel tips can be found in multiple locations. The information can be found on all of the major airlines individual websites. This makes it easy for travelers to review the rules and regulations of flying while purchasing their tickets for travel. The information is usually found under the heading  airport information or  security information.

Airline security travel tips can also be found on the Transportation Security Administration s website or the site for the United States Department of Homeland Security. These sites are typically the most up to date and have the most information about new developments in airline security. As these are the departments that create most of the rules for travel, it stands to reason that their information would be the most accurate.

When in doubt about an everyday object s ability to be transported in carry-on luggage on an airplane, review the airline security travel tips on these sites to ensure that you are not violating federal laws. If still unsure after review, just leave the item at home. Chances are it can be replaced easily once you get to wherever your travels take you.