Putting Together Bridal Jewelry For The Bridal Party

??A wedding is an exciting time that is filled with plans and expectations. The bride and groom are kept busy making arrangements for everything from the cake, reception to where the honeymoon will take place. Remembering the bridal jewelry for the wedding party may not be on the top of the list, but it is an important part of the wedding.

Bridal jewelry is the jewelry that traditionally the bride gives as a gift to the members of the bridal party. Most bridal jewelry consists of a necklace and earrings but a bracelet can also be part of the set. Bridal jewelry is significant in that it not only marks a thank you to the bridal party, but it is a personal gift from the bride to her party.

Deciding On What Will Work

When looking at bridal jewelry, the bride needs to consider what types of dresses are being worn. Depending on the neckline, bridal jewelry should accent the dress, so if it is a lower neckline the length of the necklace can be longer. Make sure to have a good idea on the length of necklace needed so that the entire outfit works together.

The style of earrings is another factor to consider. Drop earrings may be too dressy for a morning wedding, although they can work if they are not to ornate. Since not everyone has pierced ears, it can become difficult to find jewelry that all matches if there is a need for clip on earrings.

Often, bridal jewelry is made of classic designs and materials such as pearls or beads. This type of material can match almost any dress and looks stylish and won’t be out of place at almost any wedding. Bridal jewelry is a way to complete the bridal party’s outfits and let them know how special they are to the bride and groom.

Finding It

There are companies that sell bridal jewelry on-line that are able to match pierced to clip earrings. These sites are simple to locate and they usually have reasonable prices on their items.

Local jewelers can also help put together a matching set of bridal jewelry, and in fact getting in touch with someone that makes jewelry can also be a great idea. Many jewelry designers have materials at their homes that a bride can then pick through to select the perfect gifts for her bridal party. This can also be a great way to truly individualize a bridal jewelry gift and make it something special.

The Beauty Of Handmade Jewelry From India

??Anything that is handcrafted deserves special recognition because it involves such a lot of effort. It showcases an invisible connection with history in the form of the craftsmanship. If you ever travel to India, do make it a point to see some of the local handmade jewelry
wherever you go. You will be both delighted and thrilled by what you would see.

This country has a huge number of artisans and handicraft people who are gradually fading away because they are unable to sustain themselves and their families with the proceeds from their work. Though these master handicraft people can produce some amazing handmade jewelry, applying the knowledge that has been passed on from father to son for centuries, they choose to work as unskilled laborers because it pays better.

Types To Choose From

When it comes to handmade jewelry, there is something for everyone in India. You have the tribal jewelry which is bold, loud and exceedingly attractive. The tribal people use animal products such as horn, bone, skin and hair for their jewelry making it unique. Other materials often used are wood, alloy metals, copper, and glass.

The designs of the tribal handmade jewelry are surprisingly contemporary and inspiring. You will be amazed to see what the tribal people can do with rice stalks and husk. Owing to their love for color and different textures, the indigenous tribes use glass beads, sea shells and even fish bones and scales to make jewelry. The fish scale handmade jewelry is too marvelous to describe in words.

If you love something made of silver, you can be dazzled by the choices you get there. You could choose from among the dainty and exquisite filigree jewelry that would fill you with wonder at the intricacy of their designs; of you could opt for chunky and trendy jewelry that would make excellent accessories for any ensemble. Every handcrafted piece of jewelry is a masterpiece that would awe anyone who sees it.

For the high end tourists, there is the gold handmade jewelry. Here, too, you could have your choice between exceedingly dainty filigree gold and the chunkier styles. For those who want something special, you could have your jewelry done to order by the craftsmen who will amaze you with their talent and expertise.

You Can Make A Difference

It is impossible not to fall in love with the handmade jewelry you find in India. Wearing it would make you feel you are carrying a little piece on this amazing country with you always. Besides the delight that this type jewelry would give you, you would enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in the life of the artisans and with it keep a wonderful art alive with your purchase.