Carrier Air Conditioning Compressor Outlasts Competition

Carrier Engineering is the recognized world leader in air conditioning and most Carrier air conditioning compressor warranties are an industry-leading 10 years. This can help provide confidence that your unit will continue to operate as designed over the lifetime of the unit. Converting the gas inside the air conditioner from gas to liquid repeatedly is done by the Carrier air conditioning compressor in Carrier units as they move the gas between the evaporator and the condenser.

When the gas Freon, used in air conditioners worldwide was found to harm the Earth s ozone layer, DuPont, the maker of Freon, developed a more environmentally friendly gas, R-134a under the trade name of Puron and, while it functions the same as Freon it requires higher pressure. The newer Carrier air conditioning compressor is made to handle the new type of air conditioning gas and is used in all new Carrier air conditioners.

Willis Carrier, the founder and company s namesake, revolutionized air conditioning at the beginning of the 20th century, and developed the first units for home use. The Carrier air conditioning compressor was first used for industrial settings and was designed to not just lower temperatures but to also reduce the humidity levels inside the buildings. Originally made to help maintain constant temperature and humidity levels at a printing shop, the design was altered for residential use.

Carrier Is Father Of Air Conditioning

Willis Carrier has become known as the father of air conditioning as his designs have changed an entire industry as well as the lifestyles of people and their work environment. Without air conditioning many parts of the country may have taken much longer to develop. Theaters in Texas, some of the first to use air conditioning watched their business grow dramatically once fitted with air conditioning operated by Carrier air conditioning compressors.

With different sizes of air conditioning units in use, from small in-house portable units and window units to an industrial Carrier air conditioning compressor to cool domed athletic stadiums, the technology was begun by Carrier in 1906. His designs were first used in federal office buildings, railroad passenger cars, luxury liners, airplanes and now in the space shuttle.

New in-home vent-less air conditioning units can be moved from room to room with an exhaust hose running to a window for the hot air to vent, use the same technology that Carrier air conditioning compressors use in the industrial-sized units. Although Stuart Cramer is credited for the term air conditioning, Carrier has become synonymous with the term.

Zoological Medicine Is A Specialty Field Unlike Any Other

If you ever dreamed of actually holding a tiger by the tail, zoological medicine might just be the field of veterinary studies and information that you would enjoy studying. Zoological medicine is a fascinating specialty focus in the veterinary world that encompasses the study and application of wildlife healthcare for zoo and wild animals in public zoos and wildlife preserves worldwide.

As we grow in human population, our actions are forcing a decline in the natural resources and animal life on this planet. The veterinary information gathered by the zoological veterinary specialist is intended to prevent any more animals disappearing from our planet.

With the decline of wildlife habitats, the number of animals on the endangered species list continues to rise. As the number of endangered animals increases so does the level of public awareness. The awareness of the general public is increasing and as a direct result, there has been a great increase in worldwide conservation efforts. Zoological medicine is on the incline for specialty studies in the veterinary field. Veterinary information is fundamental to the education of the public in the urgent needs to safe guard our wildlife.

Zoological medicine focuses on many aspects of the wildlife field of study. Included in this specialty field is the study of free-range wildlife, captive zoo animals and those animals living on private or federally owned wildlife preserves. The study of zoological veterinary information provides many different benefits to the society in which we are now living. This field of veterinary study gathers information on the wildlife conservation needs, ecology and how it affects the natural resources

The World Recognizes The Importance of Zoological Medicine

The American College of Zoological Medicine (ACZM) provides the basis for the requirements of successfully becoming a zoological specialist in veterinary studies. This specialty field of veterinary information and studies was officially recognized in 1983. They establish and regulate the criteria necessary to successfully complete the board certification required to practice zoological veterinary services. In completing the zoological program, it requires extensive research in veterinary information and studies.

If you successfully complete their program requirements, you earn the dignified title of diplomats with this title you can become a zoo veterinarian, zoo manager, wildlife veterinarian and wildlife conservation agent, teacher or research official. This title is competitive to earn and successfully completing the task is an honor to be proud of completing.

What to Expect from a Veterinary Hospital

In the past, taking our pets to see their veterinarian involved going to a simple clinic where vaccinations were given and routine illnesses and injuries were treated. Today, when you walk into a real veterinary hospital you will find a completely modern facility very much resembling a hospital for people.

Veterinary hospitals aren’t the same as clinics. You may still wish to take your pet to a clinic for prevention matters such as vaccinations, but when your pet is seriously injured or desperately ill, a fully-staffed and equipped veterinary hospital is the answer. Here, you will find the most state-of-the-art equipment, including x-ray and MRI machines, surgical areas, infectious disease areas, grooming areas, post-surgical recovery areas, and even intensive care units.

The staff at veterinary hospitals are specially trained to provide emergency support for your pet, including CPR, bleeding control, pain relief, and injury stabilization. These things are just not available in 9-to-5 clinics.

How Will I Know When to Take My Pet to a Veterinary Hospital?

Many animal clinics have 24-hour hospitals that they refer their critical patients to for emergency and extended care. Such hospitals are much like the emergency rooms found in “people” hospitals. If your pet needs immediate stabilization beyond what a clinic can offer, you will be given directions to the nearest veterinary hospital. Clinic staff will call ahead for you to let the triage team at the emergency hospital to let them know that you are on your way, and the reason why you and your pet were advised to seek more extensive and emergent care.

Two veterinary hospitals have set the “gold standard” for emergency care. These are the Tufts Veterinary College and Alameda East Veterinary Hospital in Denver, CO, made famous on the Animal Planet TV show Emergency Vets. Tufts is arguably the finest veterinary school in the country; its graduates practice all kinds of veterinary medicine, from large animal practices to becoming staff at a veterinary hospital like Alameda East. Those DVMs who practice emergency care are well versed in initial stabilization of your pet so that diagnostic tests can be immediately performed. Despite your natural sense of panic, your pet and your veterinarian must be calm and take things slowly without endangering the life of your pet.

Veterinary hospitals contain everything your pet needs to asses the nature and extent of its needs, using the most modern techniques and equipment. Certified veterinary technicians and surgical technicians assist the DVMs in preparing your pet for diagnostic testing and, if necessary, emergency surgery. Night or day, weekends and holidays, veterinary hospitals will provide the best possible care for your severely injured or ill beloved pet.

Carrier Air Conditioning Helps Populate Sunbelt

At the beginning of the 20th century, a young Willis Carrier was working for Buffalo Forge Company when he designed a system to control temperature and humidity for a New York lithographic company. He had been an engineer working on heaters, blowers and exhaust systems when he came up with the invention and other Carrier air conditioning work helped move the company forward and was made head of the division known as Carrier Air Conditioning Company in 1906, a subsidiary of Buffalo Forge.

During the first World War, Carrier and six of his friends opened Carrier Engineering Corporation and after providing Madison Square Gardens and the House of Representatives and the House of Senate with cool air, Carrier air conditioning appeared in the first private residence in Minneapolis.

With Carrier air conditioning now available for residential use, people flocked to the Sunbelt where daily temperatures soared and air conditioning made the air tolerable. With a division open in Japan, Carrier air conditioning became one of the first and fastest growing air conditioning companies in the world. Today, Carrier remains one of the top names associated with air conditioning and still revolves around his early inventions for cooling and humidity control developed while he worked for Buffalo Forge.

Being Called Father Of Air Conditioning

Although the term air conditioning was introduced by Stuart Cramer in 1906, Carrier air conditioning units earned him the nickname of Father of Air Conditioning as he continued to seek better and more efficient methods to cool buildings while controlling humidity. This was the need of his first devices used to help the printing company maintain a constant temperature and humidity level, enabling it to print with consistency.

Movie theaters in Dallas and Houston extolled the virtues of Carrier air conditioning units once they were installed on their theaters. They proclaimed that movie-goers were delighted in being able to watch the show in the cool air and that attendance had increased drastically since their installation. It was a period of change for indoor activities, when some activities were severely curtailed when the temperature indoors became unbearable.

The dining care of the Martha Washington train became the first railroad car fitted with Carrier air conditioning and in 1937 and air conditioned bus made its first trip from Baghdad to Damascus. In these early days with air conditioning being introduced into new uses, Carrier air conditioning changed the way the world thought about their living conditions and basically changed the environment on many levels.

Veterinary Hematology- Beyond Blood Work

We all grow extremely fond of our pets and they often get to be part of the family along the years. It is important to all pet owners to ensure that they take proper care of their pet s health by providing regular check ups with the veterinarian. It is harder to know when your pet is ill as compared to a human being because animals cannot speak but just display their feelings as best as they possibly can.

Usually pet owner are quick to notice that their best friend is not feeling very well and often when that state persists they end up going to a veterinarian. The doctor will ask you a variety of questions in order to determine what is wrong with your pet and recommend something for relief.

Blood Tests

Like humans, many times various tests are needed in order to get to the bottom of a problem especially with animals as often the right diagnosis cannot be determined just from a few signs and symptoms. Veterinary hematology consists of taking your pet s blood for which you may need to visit the hematology department in all veterinary clinics.

All vets have the basic knowledge of veterinary hematology in order to conduct standard tests. However for advanced and more complex procedures, the blood samples are sent to specialized veterinary hematology departments.

The Importance of Veterinary Hematology

The state of almost everything in our body can be deduced through our blood and the same applies for out pets. Therefore veterinary hematology is extremely important to correctly diagnose and apply the right treatment in order for your pet to get relief as soon as possible.

Blood tests are the easiest, fastest and most precise way to find out exactly what is wrong with an animal without causing him or her further discomfort but at the same time being sure of the illness.

Helpful Tips

If at any time you are not satisfied with the diagnosis or results from the treatment prescribed for your pet, you can always request a blood test from your vet. This way you can be sure of what is wrong with your pet and if you are still not happy with the answer you can always seek a second opinion. However, blood tests are extremely precise especially with the advanced technology that is being applied today whether it is for human or veterinary hematology.

Always watch your pet closely for symptoms that can help your vet vastly if and when your pet falls ill. Starting a treatment plan right away is the first step to providing relief regardless of the seriousness of the disease.

The Purpose of a Cab Mount Air Conditioning Unit

Especially during the summer, it only makes sense that there is a form of air conditioning available in cabs, not only for the passenger s comfort but the drivers as well.

The Cab Mount Air Conditioning Unit

The cab mount air conditioning unit is basically just what it sounds like an air conditioning unit which is mounted inside of the cab, so that a constant comfortable temperature is maintained in the vehicle.

Usually the cab mount air conditioning unit will be mounted on to the front of the vehicle, near the cab driver. This is for various reasons including the fact that this way it is less apt to get ruined, whether accidentally or purposely by the passengers.

When There Is No Cab Mount Air Conditioning Unit

If you ever find that you get in a cab and there is no cab mount air conditioning unit and it is uncomfortable for you, make sure that you do not get angry with the driver, because it is most likely not their fault. After all there are still plenty of cab companies out there who have not gotten with the times and who thus still need to get out and purchase air conditioning units for the taxis in their fleet.

Therefore if it really bothers you then you can call the company and speak to the manager, who will most likely make it much more of a priority to install air conditioning units for his vehicles or at least be in a position to relay the feedback to the owner.

Then there is also the situation where the cab driver might be independent, and perhaps they simply did not feel like putting the time, money or effort into getting an air conditioning system for their taxi. Basically then you have to just realize that sometimes you may get into a cab that does not have an air conditioning system and you may just have to suffer in the heat during your ride. However, fortunately the majority of taxis do have at least some form of air conditioning unit and so you can rest assured knowing this.

If it is really hot and you just want to be safe, then make sure that you always bring water and a cooling device, such as a handheld fan for instance, along with you when you know you will be riding in a cab. Or if it really matters to you that much and you are making a reservation with a taxi company from or to the airport for instance; then call ahead and ask if they have air conditioning in the vehicle they will dispatch to you.