Tips on Getting the Right Travel Insurance for Europe

Europe is a dream destination for many of us for which we may have planned and saved up for several years before finally being able to afford the much anticipated trip. Planning such a trip can be overwhelming because there are so many destinations to cover with so many must see locations such as Italy with its sinking city of Venice, the Eiffel tower in France, the breath taking architecture and art of Spain or the Acropolis in Greece to name only a few.

After choosing the destinations, you must book the hotels, transportation and decide what to pack for this once in a lifetime trip. Unfortunately, one of the last things that one thinks about is travel insurance, which is probably one of the most important things that you should probably have on your checklist.

The Importance of Europe Travel Insurance

Europe is exciting but it also holds a variety of nations that speak different languages and each country has different rules and regulations to follow. This may be fascinating when visiting but also very confusing, which can inevitably lead to mishaps and/or accidents. European travel insurance is important because it will help you get out of situations that you did not plan on happening such as losing your luggage and documents or having an accident.

There are many types of Europe travel insurance available and you may want to take a minute and consider what each one of them covers in order to decide what clauses you want to include in the Europe travel insurance drawn for you and those traveling with you. Most Europe travel insurance policies that cover health may require you to prove your present state of health with a recent physical from your doctor in order for them to cover you when abroad. The premium too may differ depending on your age and any pre-existing medical conditions.

Finding the Right Europe Travel Insurance for You

We all love a bargain; however Europe travel insurance is not the place where you should be looking to save. Instead you should look to get a reliable company that you can count on and travel in peace. Many people looking for bargains shop for Europe travel insurances online and don t take the time to check and verify if the source is reliable only to find out later, if unfortunately they do need the help that they have been cheated by a fraudulent company.

Your travel agent can usually recommend a few good companies to get your insurance and/or you can always try to get a recommendation from your own insurance company if they don t have Europe travel insurance policies as well.

Direct Travel Insurance Company

About The Company

Direct Travel Insurance Company has been in business since 1992, they provide insurance for travelers in the United Kingdom and for world travelers as well. Direct Travel insurance company is affiliated with the United Kingdom s AXA insurance company; AXA underwrites Direct Travel s policies.

Direct Travel Insurance offers a variety of services including standard travelers insurance, premier travelers insurance, special vacation packages, and winter sport insurance; many of these packages can customized to meet an individual s traveling needs.

Standard Traveler s Insurance

Direct Travel Insurance policies cover a comprehensive range of medical situations including hospital stays and dental work; also there are allowances for travel problems such as long delays or having to cut a trip short due to unforeseeable circumstances.

The standard policy by Direct Travel Insurance also has benefits for personal loss including property and money losses; it will also protect the policy holder from some natural disaster damages done to their accommodation s property, the insurance pays for alternate accommodation in the event of a natural disaster.

The standard policy will even help to recover a lost or stolen passport and can protect the policy holder from losses incurred due to a crime such as mugging or a hostage situation.

Winter Sports Travelers Insurance

For people who love the winter sports, Direct Travelers Insurance offers policies just for those individuals; the policy protects the traveler from expenses due to closures when the weather conditions are completely unfavorable or if there is an avalanche preventing the traveler from getting to or from their destination.

The winter sport traveler can also enjoy the security of knowing that their equipment can be replaced if it is damaged, stolen, lost or even destroyed; also if the traveler is unable to use their prepaid amenities such as schools, list pass, or hired ski equipment due to illness or an injury, the Direct Travel Insurance policy will pay some or all of the monies spent.

Other Policies

Direct Travel Insurance also offers senior citizens policies and back packer policies which cover world travelers; the world travelers or back packer policies have three optional service packages to meet the individual traveler s needs.

The Direct Travel Insurance policy designed for the world traveler will cover medical expenses, some hospital costs, dental treatment, accidental death, personal liability, and some legal services such as legal advice and help to replace a missing passport.

Direct Travel Insurance has a helpful call center and a terrific website with plenty of information about all of their policies and services; simply visit them on line or call their phone center. The phone center is open extended business hours, for customers to call with questions about their policies or to purchase a policy.