Annual Travel Insurance: For The Frequent Traveler

When you buy travel insurance, you usually only buy the package for the vacation you are going to take at that time. However, when you insure your car or home, you buy the insurance year round. That s because you want continual coverage. But what if you re a frequent traveler? Wouldn t it be more expensive to buy travel insurance packages every time you travel rather than buying year round coverage just like your car or home? Sure it would and that s why many insurance companies offer annual travel insurance.

For Business Or Pleasure

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, you need travel insurance in case anything goes wrong. If you are a frequent traveler for business or pleasure, don t buy travel insurance every time you leave, ask your current car or home insurer if they offer annual travel insurance. Annual travel insurance covers you for the entire year, no matter how many times you travel. The best part is that if you obtain your annual travel insurance from your current insurer, you can add it to your current bill. You can even have it directly debited from your account so that you can travel with the peace of mind knowing that you are constantly protected against the worst case scenario.

Call Around And Ask For Bids

If you don t know if your current car or home insurer offers annual travel insurance, get on the phone and ask your representative that handles your policy. However, don t go with the first offer you are given. Call around to various insurance companies and ask how much they charge for annual travel insurance.

Shop Around For The Best Deal

While it would be very convenient to have all of your insurance with one insurance company and all on one bill, you don t want to pay more than you have to. If you find another company that offers annual travel insurance for a rate lower than your current insurance company, don t switch just yet. Tell your current insurer. Chances are, they won t want to lose your business so they may come down in their policy pricing to match their competitor that you are threatening to switch to.

It all comes down to feeling safe in case something bad happens on your vacation or business travels. Get annual travel insurance so that you know you ll be covered no matter where you travel to.

Differences with Annual Family Travel Insurance

You might already know that having travel insurance is a good idea. There are so many people that travel, and everyone knows that getting from here to there can not only be an adventure, but it can be an expensive time. However, it is never a smart idea to forsake having travel insurance because it is expensive, or because you might not need it, so why bother buying it these ideas are not good.

Even if you don t use your travel insurance for years and years, the one time that you do use it will make up for the money you have spent, and not having it can cost you more money than your entire trip.

Annual Versus Trip

There are two main kinds of family insurance. The first kind is trip insurance. You can buy small policies that cover you on a vacation for a certain amount of time. This is great for single people or couples who don t travel very often because it is cheap and you use it once. You can buy it right before your trip and be covered while you are gone. However, if you have a big family and you are traveling often, you know that this isn t best option. For you, the best option is annual family travel insurance. This annual family travel insurance can be much more beneficial for your family.

How It Works

With annual family travel insurance you only have to think about it once a year. You can buy the policy and pay for it one time per year. If you do this, then no matter where you or anyone in your family travels during the year, an no matter how long you are gone for, you are protected by your annual family travel insurance. This is great if you have older children who travel, or if you and your spouse travel separately for work or for other reasons. This means that all you have to do is remember to renew your annual family travel insurance once each year, and you will always be covered when you travel.

Why is it better? Well, for starters, with annual family travel insurance there are no limitations on how many people are covered. Your entire family can be covered in the same policy. And you don t all have to be traveling together to get the benefits as well. This is a great option for families, because the annual family travel insurance is going to cover so many things it will always end up being used for something, which makes it very much worth your while.