Tiffany Lamp, Real Or Reproduction?

For over a century the Tiffany lamp has been a key feature in home d cor and Louis Comfort Tiffany could never have imagined that the Tiffany lamp would become his most famous and enduring contribution to art and home d cor. Born the son of a famous New York jeweler in 1848, Tiffany was a major creative influence in the Art Nouveau movement. Today there are three basic types of Tiffany lamps: Tiffany originals, Tiffany lamp reproductions, and lamps or fixtures made in the Tiffany style. Whether you hope to someday own an original Tiffany lamp, purchasing an antique reproduction or would be just as happy with a Tiffany inspired lamp, it is important to know the difference.

What s In A Name?

The only original tiffany lamps were created by Tiffany Studios in New York City by Tiffany and his group of artisans. Today original Tiffany lamps are found only in museums and individual collections. A Tiffany lamp sold for over two million dollars at Christies Auction House in 1997.
Almost all “Tiffany” Lamps and fixtures that you might see are not real Tiffany but actually reproductions and you have to keep in mind that you are purchasing a Tiffany inspired lamp that reproduces the original designs, or new designs that are Tiffany inspired but not the real thing. Today when we hear the term Tiffany, it most often applies to the style and not an actual Tiffany piece. An authentic Tiffany lamp reproduction will use the same pattern and color scheme as the original.
Many companies that work under the Tiffany name are creating exacting reproductions of the original Tiffany designs, even down to including a signature and this confuses many consumers into thinking they are getting the real thing.
Tiffany Style

A Tiffany style lamp, on the other hand is a blanket term often used to describe anything with a stained glass shade. While there are the producers of quality lamps crafted in the Louis Tiffany tradition, cheap imitation Tiffany style lamps can have loose fitting glass pieces or may not be glass at all but a stained glass like plastic shade.

Most of us may not be able to afford an authentic Tiffany lamp, but whether you are looking for the real thing or just appreciate the beautiful style there is almost certainly something to fit your budget, making it easy to have your own bit of Tiffany.

Place of getting a Free pregnancy test

Hei. Do you know that in the technological world of home pregnancy tests that give often result in one minute, in the doctor’s office only fewer and fewer initial tests related to detect the pregnancy are being conducted. Exceptions are there and many of these are found in form of free pregnancy test that is provided by free clinics like planned parenthood and others.

Is it a surprise one for you?. But, this is a fact

Resources that based on community level

Free pregnancy test are found in resources of every community. In billboards and outdoor signs, the free tests are being advertised by some of the hospitals and clinics. During the study about the sexually transmitted diseases or a certain age group of persons, some times, the medical schools that are found to be affiliated with hospitals that teach provide the free pregnancy test.

During the conductin of study, this will be advertised by them usually

Certain day in each week or twice a month is quoted by the health departments of many larger cities that offer free pregnancty test. However, this is to be checked up with the city health department. Make one phone call in case you don’t know who to call for getting of assistance in locating a free pregnancy test. You get referred to somebody who know these. Remember that any city office is aware of the community services that offer the free pregnancy test

Seeking confidentiality

When you are underaged, your parents will not be informed by most of the clinics that implement the free pregnancy tests. Hence, you need not bother on this . Per haps, most of the times, you need to undergo the counseling with many of these persons who will offer you free condoms.

After the test, if any assistance is required, you will be given referrals according to your need.

Though you may not find any word on any of these free clinics that provide the free home pregnancy test. But, you will come across still a clinic offering a free pregnancy test and no questions will be asked during such time.

Though some may not be aware of places to be looked for these kinds of clinics, you can go through the yellow pages of your local phone book. Hence, you may end up in finding a community type of resource that can provide the referral.

It may be intimidating to be all alone and start worrying on your pregnancy and hence, immediately find out the better. Search for a free pregnancy test in the internet and find a free clinic in your city.

When you don’t find a free pregnancy test, don’t immediately give up. Got it? Since many such clinics are there, this may be an easy one to find just what you require.