Tiffany Lamp, Real Or Reproduction?

For over a century the Tiffany lamp has been a key feature in home d cor and Louis Comfort Tiffany could never have imagined that the Tiffany lamp would become his most famous and enduring contribution to art and home d cor. Born the son of a famous New York jeweler in 1848, Tiffany was a major creative influence in the Art Nouveau movement. Today there are three basic types of Tiffany lamps: Tiffany originals, Tiffany lamp reproductions, and lamps or fixtures made in the Tiffany style. Whether you hope to someday own an original Tiffany lamp, purchasing an antique reproduction or would be just as happy with a Tiffany inspired lamp, it is important to know the difference.

What s In A Name?

The only original tiffany lamps were created by Tiffany Studios in New York City by Tiffany and his group of artisans. Today original Tiffany lamps are found only in museums and individual collections. A Tiffany lamp sold for over two million dollars at Christies Auction House in 1997.
Almost all “Tiffany” Lamps and fixtures that you might see are not real Tiffany but actually reproductions and you have to keep in mind that you are purchasing a Tiffany inspired lamp that reproduces the original designs, or new designs that are Tiffany inspired but not the real thing. Today when we hear the term Tiffany, it most often applies to the style and not an actual Tiffany piece. An authentic Tiffany lamp reproduction will use the same pattern and color scheme as the original.
Many companies that work under the Tiffany name are creating exacting reproductions of the original Tiffany designs, even down to including a signature and this confuses many consumers into thinking they are getting the real thing.
Tiffany Style

A Tiffany style lamp, on the other hand is a blanket term often used to describe anything with a stained glass shade. While there are the producers of quality lamps crafted in the Louis Tiffany tradition, cheap imitation Tiffany style lamps can have loose fitting glass pieces or may not be glass at all but a stained glass like plastic shade.

Most of us may not be able to afford an authentic Tiffany lamp, but whether you are looking for the real thing or just appreciate the beautiful style there is almost certainly something to fit your budget, making it easy to have your own bit of Tiffany.

Place of getting a Free pregnancy test

Hei. Do you know that in the technological world of home pregnancy tests that give often result in one minute, in the doctor’s office only fewer and fewer initial tests related to detect the pregnancy are being conducted. Exceptions are there and many of these are found in form of free pregnancy test that is provided by free clinics like planned parenthood and others.

Is it a surprise one for you?. But, this is a fact

Resources that based on community level

Free pregnancy test are found in resources of every community. In billboards and outdoor signs, the free tests are being advertised by some of the hospitals and clinics. During the study about the sexually transmitted diseases or a certain age group of persons, some times, the medical schools that are found to be affiliated with hospitals that teach provide the free pregnancy test.

During the conductin of study, this will be advertised by them usually

Certain day in each week or twice a month is quoted by the health departments of many larger cities that offer free pregnancty test. However, this is to be checked up with the city health department. Make one phone call in case you don’t know who to call for getting of assistance in locating a free pregnancy test. You get referred to somebody who know these. Remember that any city office is aware of the community services that offer the free pregnancy test

Seeking confidentiality

When you are underaged, your parents will not be informed by most of the clinics that implement the free pregnancy tests. Hence, you need not bother on this . Per haps, most of the times, you need to undergo the counseling with many of these persons who will offer you free condoms.

After the test, if any assistance is required, you will be given referrals according to your need.

Though you may not find any word on any of these free clinics that provide the free home pregnancy test. But, you will come across still a clinic offering a free pregnancy test and no questions will be asked during such time.

Though some may not be aware of places to be looked for these kinds of clinics, you can go through the yellow pages of your local phone book. Hence, you may end up in finding a community type of resource that can provide the referral.

It may be intimidating to be all alone and start worrying on your pregnancy and hence, immediately find out the better. Search for a free pregnancy test in the internet and find a free clinic in your city.

When you don’t find a free pregnancy test, don’t immediately give up. Got it? Since many such clinics are there, this may be an easy one to find just what you require.

HP DVD Burner For Your Home Or Office Computer

Did you know that you can make your own DVD s using your home or office computer? All you have to do is subscribe to a video service where you can get streaming DVD s, usually new and old releases, right to your computer.

Then, you can use a DVD burner such as the HP DVD burner to make your own DVD s. You can then watch the DVD s you make using your HP DVD burner on any DVD player. It s a great way to fill up your DVD collection with all your favorite movies and it s quick and convenient.

Visit Your Local Entertainment Store

If your computer s manufacturer doesn t offer the HP DVD burner, ask your local entertainment center if they offer them for sale. If they do, shop around for the best price. Don t just go with the first price you re offered. Do your homework and find the best deal possible so that you can make your own DVD s using your home or office computer with the HP DVD burner.

Install It Yourself

If you want to save money and you are computer literate, which means you know how to open a tower and install the HP DVD burner yourself, by all means, go at it. The HP DVD burner will come with the software necessary to install it on your computer. However, if you don t really know anything about computers, it might be best to have someone install the HP DVD Burner for you so that you don t damage your computer. You can, in fact, do a lot of damage to the internal workings of your computer if you don t have any idea what you re doing.

Have It Installed For You

If you want to have the HP DVD burner installed for you, most electronics store have people who will install it for you. You can pay a little extra for them to install it and they will set it up for you. All you have to do is drop your computer off and when you pick it up your HP DVD burner will be all ready to go. Then, you can burn your favorite DVD s right in the comfort of your home or office. Then, you ll never have to rent or buy another DVD ever again. Once you subscribe to your favorite online movie service, you can have all the movies you want and you can burn them all yourself with the HP DVD burner.

Considering the Future and Ethanol: What is Going to Come?

When we consider the future in general, we must realize that there is a significant correlation between the future and ethanol, and so this is one matter that we must take incredibly seriously into consideration. The reason that there is a relationship between the matters of the future and ethanol is primarily due to the fact that ethanol is considered as being our next readily supply of fuel.

The Future and Ethanol

Ethanol is a chemical which is considered as having a number of different and all just as important factors, and it is also considered as having numerous different benefits. It is considered as being better than even biodiesel, and so basically it is the top choice in regards to an answer as to what we will be using in the future as our main source of fuel.

Although the actual future and ethanol are not completely coordinated side by side yet, it is considered as being almost positively true that ethanol is going to become huge, and that we are all not going to be able to go a day without hearing the word at least once.

As well, in regards to the future and ethanol, it should be known to all that about 10% of the gasoline that is sold in the US is actually a blend of up to 10% ethanol, which is an alcohol that is made by distilling corn, wheat, and sometimes sugar.

One of the problems with ethanol however is the fact that the straw and the stalks that are left after the distillation process get burned by farmers, and if you have ever smelled a sugar cane field that is burning after harvest, then you know that it smells incredibly bad, and you should know that not only does it smell bad, but it is completely unhealthy for you as well.

As well, something that people for the most part seem not to understand or are just ignoring, is the fact that the stalks, once they are squeezed out of all their sugar, are not totally useless as some would say, but rather they can be used for further things.

Basically the most important thing is that everyone learns as much about ethanol as they can before it is too late, so that we can all gain a proper and full understanding on what it is before we are mindlessly using it for various different things.

Bad Credit Secured Loan: It is Possible to get a Loan if you Have Bad Credit

Too many times people seem to think that just because they have bad credit they are not able to get a loan, however this is absolutely not true. In fact, there are specific loans out there that are designed and used just for those people who have bad credit in particular; therefore, if you do have bad credit, you should not feel as though you are at a loss, because there are loans such as the bad credit secured loan for you.

What is the Bad Credit Secured Loan?

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Basically the bad credit secured loan is a loan which allows people who have a not so great credit history to be able to get a loan for whatever reason, and the reason that the bad credit secured loan is viable is because the lender has the benefit of security, and so, regardless of what that actually is, the lender can still feel comfortable in giving a loan to someone with bad credit because they know that they are able to get reimbursed even if the borrower ends up not being able to pay them back themselves.

A bad credit secured loan is a great financial solution for an individual who has bad credit and who may or may not have any collateral pledge against the loan, such as an automobile or a house for instance. A secured bad credit personal loan will require the borrower to pledge collateral against the loan, and then in the event that the borrower does not pay the loan back, the lender is able to claim the collateral to make up for the outstanding loan balance.

As well, since the lender has some collateral, the interest rate on a secured bad credit loan will likely be less than that of the interest rate on a non-secured bad credit personal loan, and so this is obviously an incredibly positive thing.

If you are interested in getting one of these loans, then the first step that you are going to have to take is to go into your bank, where you should speak to a financial advisor, who will be able to help you figure out the best type of loan for you, and as well from here they will be able to help you out throughout the rest of the process, and so this will be incredibly helpful as well.

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Services Provided by Rehabilitation Nurses

Rehabilitation nursing is a rewarding vocation in the medical profession. They specialize in helping patients recover and cope with extensive medical problems. Many of their patients have been released from hospital intensive care units to more long term comprehensive treatment facilities.

The goal of the rehabilitation nursing profession is to treat patients who require a broad range of medical services for their recovery. People who need rehabilitation nursing care may have suffered from such things as work injuries, car accidents, strokes, head trauma, drug or alcohol abuse, gunshot wound or other severe trauma. These nurses find work in general hospitals, rehabilitation centers, drug and alcohol recovery facilities, mental hospitals, senior citizen facilities, or private homes

Rehabilitation nurses are able to provide a broad range of services depending on the facility they work in. In general they wish to help their patients begin the long process towards a hoped for full recovery. The Rehabilitation nursing staff tries to help their patients cope with their illnesses or disabilities and develop life skills that will aid them in their healing process.

Stabilize & Mobilize

One of the first things a rehabilitation nurse wishes to accomplish is to help stabilize the patient in the new facility and to keep him from developing any further complications. Many people suffering from long term illnesses have very limited mobility. This could cause them to get bed sores, develop pneumonia or breathing problems from staying in the same position all the time. The job of the rehabilitation nurse is to help prevent these problems.

The rehabilitation nursing staff also seeks to help the patient develop the mindset to cope with their medical condition. The rehabilitation nurse works with the doctors, psychologist and other staff to help the patient develop a plan in dealing with their medical condition.


Another important function of the rehabilitation nurse is to educate the patient and or their family on their care and health maintenance. Some of the areas they give training on are how to take the medication, wound care and prevention of bed sores, maintaining the tracheal tube, bladder and bowel movements, and proper nutrition.

In order to serve their patients the rehabilitation nursing staff is registered and licensed to practice in their state. They have the mindset to tackle the care of patients with more difficult and long term medical problems. It is a gratifying medical specialty that continues to grow as the baby boomers age.

Aspects of Rehabilitation Medicine

For disabled individuals medicine has made remarkable advances, one of which is rehabilitation medicine, which can help individuals to restore their physical, mental and social functioning to their maximum levels. Today rehabilitation medicine is one of the fastest growing areas in medicine. There are many aspects involved in this section of medicine, which makes it a truly unique field.

The Members of a Rehabilitation Team

In rehabilitation medicine a multiprofessional team is often used to get the best results which specialties in education, employment, engineering, housing, social services, nursing, psychology and therapy. Depending on the amount of rehabilitation needed and the patient then the size and layout of the required team will be different. Rehabilitation medicine has its own unique challenges as any medical field does so it is important that individuals work as part of a team.

When Rehabilitation Medicine is Needed

Many forms of disability require rehabilitation medicine for an individual to regain control of their life. Conditions can be both congenital and acquired with several aspects of acquired disability being those that have a fluctuating course, a steady deterioration and those with a period of improvement. Rehabilitation medicine focuses on all groups, which makes it unique. Typically, young and elderly patients will be treated by specialist teams while the middle ages are left out, but rehabilitation medicine focuses on all age groups.

The Role of Technology in Rehabilitation Medicine

For people with disabilities independence can be a great thing that is hard to obtain. However, technology is increasingly improving the chances of disabled individuals being able to lead an independent life. Today technology can be adapted for nearly any disabled person so that they can adjust to life better.

Technology started to help disabled people when the government began allocating funds to help pay for electric powdered chairs so that the elderly and those with disabilities to increase their level of independence. Technological advancements are constantly being made as scientist daily link technologies to other areas of life such as mobility, communication and environmental control.

Rehabilitation medicine is truly an exciting specialty for those in the medical field. This aspect of medicine allows doctors to combine both the hospital and the community while helping provide quality of life to a group of people previously neglected in society. Rehabilitation medicine along with technology is now making disabled individuals a part of society, providing them independence and giving them a hope for the future.

Tanning Lamp: Quick Tan, Faster Fading

A tanning lamp produces ultraviolet radiation and it can either be a low pressure or high pressure unit. High pressure units are known as bulbs while low pressure ones are known as lamps ; but, there are many exceptions and, no one is really very set in following these categorizations. However, both types need to have an oxygen free environment within the lamp. In addition, the tanning lamp needs to have a ballast to make power available.

Main Aim

The main aim of using a tanning lamp is to obtain a suntan without need to lie out in the sun and, how good a quality of suntan that can be obtained will depend on the spectrum of the light being generated by the lamp. It is the norm that these devices will produce much more ultraviolet radiations than would normal sunlight and, thus provides users with faster base tans though; the tan may wear off faster and, it does not provide as much protection from the sun as is the case with natural tans.

Tanning lamps may also be used for treating psoriasis, eczema as well as for curing or aging wood used in building violins, guitars as also other musical instruments. They may also be used for water purification as well as sterilizing medical instruments.

However, there are concerns regarding the use of tanning lamps which could cause an increase in the incidence of skin cancer, with young users being most at risk. With artificial tanning becoming more popular, tanning lamps may be a real source of some skin cancers such as basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma that together cause the most malignancies in humans. Since being exposed to ultraviolet radiation or UVR from the sun can cause skin cancer and, these devices mimic sunlight, there is reason to believe that users may be affected adversely and, may be more prone to developing skin cancer as a result of using them.

People that use a tanning lamp may get themselves burnt in a manner similar to sunburn which is closely linked with the three main types of skin cancer. There is every likelihood that people using tanning lamps would be two and a half times more at risk to developing squamous cell carcinoma and, one and a half times more at risk to developing basal cell carcinoma than those not using such artificial means.

It has also been found by researchers that the risk of basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma was higher in youths and, was twenty percent and ten percent higher respectively for youth who used a tanning lamp. The tanning lamp is therefore not a very safe means of obtaining a browner skin color and, should be used with care.

Choosing The Perfect Table Lamp

When choosing a table lamp our first thought is usually that we need extra lighting or we have a spot where a table lamp would add that perfect touch to our decor. But there s definitely more to choosing a table lamp than just function. Placed on side table, or on a shelf, a table lamp can be used to high light a collection of your favorite objects, brighten a dark corner, or provide a pool of light for reading. A table lamp can also provide just the right amount of light for a hallway or a soft welcoming glow in an entryway Table lamps come in all shapes, sizes and styles as well as a wide variety of materials including crystal, ceramic, wood, and steel, so it is easy to find something to suit every room in your home.

Form And Function

While ceiling fixtures light up a whole room and may be more than you need, table lamps create small warm pools of light perfect for individual tasks such as reading or hand sewing and a table lamp on a side table can create soft shadows and add balance to a room. When choosing a table lamp, the base and the shade should be proportionate to each other and should fit the scale of the furnishings. The shade should be at eye level when you’re seated, so the glare from the bulb won’t be visible.
the number of table lamps in each room can vary greatly. For common areas such as living rooms and family rooms, you ll want a lamp that helps light the room but also focuses on specific task areas.

Bedside Manner

When choosing a bedside table lamp, remember it is just as much for purpose as it is for form and is often the main lighting source for the entire room as well as for reading in bed. The height of your nightstand should determine the height of your table lamp and taller lamps work best with shorter stands or you can place a shorter lamp on a stack of books for a nice decorating treatment. Smaller lamps with low wattage bulbs can be added to create small pools of intimate lighting.
A table lamp should not only be functional but should make a statement about you and your home. They can provide a warm, inviting atmosphere to any room and a private haven after a long day.

Ethanol Distillation: The Process That is Involved

The process of ethanol distillation is one which is rather complex and yet one which can be easily explained; ethanol is a chemical that is produced either synthetically from ethylene or from the fermentation of grain or sugar; during the ethanol distillation process, or more specifically, during the synthesis of ethanol, the product stream may be contaminated by acidic impurities, and/or sulfurous impurities.

Additionally, during the ethanol distillation process, in the presence of O2, a small part of the ethanol stream may be oxidized into various carbonyl impurities, of which acetaldehyde is the most probable one; the above impurities may cause such effects as odor, discoloration, inefficient distillation, or poor UV transmission.

More About Ethanol Distillation and Ethanol in General

In regards to learning more about ethanol distillation and ethanol in general, there are many things that should be taken seriously into consideration. For instance, there is the fact that ethanol is also known as ethyl alcohol, and that it is a flammable, colorless, mildly toxic chemical compound with a distinctive perfume-like odor, and it is the alcohol that is found in alcoholic beverages.

Ethanol is something which has actually been used by humans since prehistory as the intoxicating ingredient in alcoholic beverages, and as well, its isolation as a basically and relatively pure compound was in fact first achieved by Persian alchemists who developed the art of distillation during the Abbasid caliphate, the most notable of whom was Al-Razi.

Furthermore, ethanol is an incredibly versatile solvent, as it is soluble in water and with most organic liquids as well, and also, ethanol is used as a solvent in dissolving medicines, food flavorings and colorings that do not otherwise dissolve easily in water.

In regards to its use in fuel and alcoholic beverages, this is produced by fermentation: which is when certain species of yeast metabolize the sugar in the absence of oxygen, and they then produce ethanol and carbon dioxide. Then, the overall chemical reaction that is conducted by the yeast may then be represented by a chemical equation.

Overall it is quite easy to see the multitude of information that sounds ethanol as a whole, and therefore why it is often considered as being a rather complex matter to discuss; however, once you have even a basic grasp on the matter of ethanol overall, then you will be able to come to a better and more knowledgeable understanding overall.