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Personal growth coaching is a field that’s seen a huge increase in the last five years. Before that, people were forced to rely on counselors and therapists who really were not qualified to coach someone in personal growth as most counselors and therapists are trained in more traditional approaches to growth. And those approaches tend to be centered on the past rather than the now which isn’t always necessary to explore for personal growth.

A personal growth coach can help you determine what you want from life for everything from finances to relationships to spirituality. They help you figure out what you want, then develop a plan and set goals for attaining those things. It’s great to have a personal growth coach to help you decide on career changes and relationship changes in particular.

Personal growth coaches can also help you with self improvement issues such as dieting and self esteem. They don’t generally make you look at your past in-depth, but will start with where you are now and help you see where you want to be–then help you set goals for making changes you want to make in your life.


Comparison of the Early home pregnancy test with current ones

Events over periods

In American market, only during the year 1978, the first home pregnancy test came. The EPT meant the Early Pregnancy Test and this also meant the Error Proof Test. The FDA furnished the approval for the first time to this home based pregnancy test and the debut was made at the rate of $10.

Sheep’s RBC, along with a test tube and a vial filled with purified water were in the package of this early home pregnancy test. There was an agreement by the doctors about the doing of this test at home. However, you see that they insisted on doing this test again after you visit their office.

Two hours were consumed for the carrying out of this early home pregnancy test. The medicine dropper along with a test tube some how terrified the users. Further, you need an angled mirror for viewing of result. This mirror is to be kept beneath the test tube placed in a plastic stand for reading of results. A dark ring indicated positive one.

Soon, this early home pregnancy test associated the thin blue line instead of a dark ring as an indicator of pregnancy. Inspite of this, you had to wait for many days before the tests assisted in the detection of pregnancy. Ninety seven per cent of accuracy was the averaged figure by EPT, for positives and eighty per cent of accuracy for negatives.


Yeah, baby. Remember that we have passed so many years. Imagine that it just takes two hours for going from oven to microwave. It may be funny for young women when they understood about this long waiting period. Whole test tube thing is not revealed here. This was found to be disordered and intimidating. We have to thank Almighty for the sticks and cups.

It’s so nice to find that you are pregnant. Early home pregnancy test was possible, only when the EPT came. However, Predictor, Answer and ACU-TEST followed this at a greater speed. Some how, now the EPT has modified its name as Error Proof Test. Currently, the concept of an early home pregnancy test is the one that can identify the pregnancy in the first day of a missed period or even earlier to that.

Women today are in need of checking for pregnancy and needs accuracy in early home pregnancy test and now, they are able to test for pregnancy “early”. Hence, the word ‘early’ seems to be of no longer an incentive for them. There is no much change in the last thirty years. Still we need to understand right now and lets better be right in this regard.

Some progress is now made. Blue line, which replaced the dark circle, is now removed and to the surprise, now, we have words. Just imagine what are they? They are the words PREGNANT and NOT PREGNANT. Its amazing to probe on who thought over this? However, this should have been done by somebody who strained his or her eyes too much by staring at the bottom of the tube.

What to do when you require an earliest pregnancy test

Pregnant hormone

No doubt that everybody prefers an earliest pregnancy test. Nobody may be willilng to wait for a longer time. However, you need to understand on fewer things related to this in details. The home pregnancy test kits you have intended to buy off the shelf is associated one thing and this is the hormone related to pregnancy, called as hCG.

This is produced by the placenta and more hormone is produced if your pregnancy is advanced, upto a point in general.

Significance of hCG

There are some home pregnancy tests that identify even lower levels of this pregnancy hormone than the other tests.This indicates the importance of hCG. This important difference is the reason between the tests that can reveal the pregnancy if your period is one day and the tests that can reveal the pregnancy if your period is seven days late.

Hello. Please note that you cant find this secret in any cover of the home pregnancy test kits. You just need to have a little research in this regard to find out one that is having capacity to detect even the smallest amount of hCG.


You want to know what is the earliest pregnancy test ?. Yes. You have come to the point. It is the First Response Early Result which is in the market which can detect even the levels of 12.5 mIU of hCG. Just wondering on this?

Even at he first missed day of your period, you can be able to use this test. Once in every two days, the levels get doubled. In this situation, the waiting period to detect 25 mIU of hCG would be two days. Got it?

Want to know one more product in the market? Yeah. It is the Wal-Mart’s Equate brand that can detect amounts of both 25 mIU and 100 mIU. Always a white cap is provided with 25 mIU and purple cap is provided with the 100 mIU. Hence, be careful on which is the item to be picked up during the application of earliest pregnancy test kit.

Examination of blood

However, overall the earliest pregnancy test is the blood test. You need to approach a doctor for this and this depends on your situation in this occasion. If you feel that approach of a doctor for this purpose is not possible by you, then, you need to go for the purchase of an earliest pregnancy test kit that can detect trace amount of hCG.

However, please remember that when you feel pregnant or when you are pregnant, you need to approach the doctor immediately.

Clearblue pregnancy test – A Digital Product

Digital data as result in word form

Among the home based pregnancy test kits, few kits like the clearblue pregnancy test make use of the digital display and hence, the lines or symbols are not revealed and words like PREGNANT or NOT PREGNANT are displayed in this clearblue pregnancy test digital. Yes. This helps the users to reduce the confusion during the reading of lines or symbols, as seen in most cases of home based pregnancy tests.

Fast results with Clearblue Digital

The container having Clearblue test digital indicates that it may take four days sooner in case of digital tests than with other Clearblue pregnancy test. The reason may be ascribed to the capacity of Clearblue pregnancy test digital in detection of hCG-the pregnant hormone even at lower levels when compared to the other Clearblue pregnancy test.

When you use the digital clearblue pregnancy test, hold the test strip given in your urine stream for about five to seven seconds. However, you need not place the strip on a flat surface after the finising of this and just place it in the holder for three minutes till you see one of the words visible on the display. Hence, you need not get stare for finding out a faint line or not. Is it a surprise to you? Yes. You never miss the word PREGNANT or NOTPREGNANT

Method of usage

You need to get a digital Clearblue pregnancy test kit and the kit may be provided with one, two, or three pregnancy test strips and these strips are to be used with single holder provided along with this. Just throw the holder after you use all the three Clearblue pregnancy test strips. Since there is no refill packs in this digital type, go for another one which has its own holder.

Online study

Just go to the concerned website if you need a demo of the working of this digital Clearblue pregnancy test. The web site also has the section revealing the FAQ also and ask any question on this by calling the toll free number. During such calling of toll free number, you exercise the option of speaking to somebody in either English or Spanish.

For many women, because of these points, the digital Clearblue pregnancy test has become the most wanted one. This is because of the fact that it helps for an easy reading. Some times, the women get confused on seeing the evaporation lines that appear like a faint line. But in case of usage of digital Clearblue pregnancy test , you just need to read only the words. Hence, don’t bother during the encountering of any sort of lines.

Information on Clear blue pregnancy test

You should know that Unipath Diagnostics Incorporated that manufactures Clear blue pregnancy test. Both the home pregnancy test kits like the Clear blue Easy Pregnancy Test and the Clear blue Digital Pregnancy Test are provided by them. Yes. Both are different products.

Easy type

Clear blue pregnancy test (Easy) uses a plus or a minus during the display of the results of home pregnancy test.Strips that may be one or two with due instructions using both English and Spanish are supplied with the kit.

The strips are to be held in the urine stream. Don’t worry on the adequate exposure of strips to urine, if the strip turns to pink color.

As soon as the results are ready, the sign of plus or minus is displayed on the test strip. Ninety nine per cent accuracy is advertised by the Clear blue Easy pregnancy test.

The web sites reveals the messages and answers about the Clear blue pregnancy test. In these, you may find the answer for the FAQ that is related to the encountering of result window running in various routes.

This answer reveals that when the test has not worked correctly, such thing occurs sometimes and also it further insists the user to use the Clear blue pregnancy test , again.

It appears that when such thing happens with Clear blue pregnancy test, then the problem needs to be attended and fixed, inspite of simply recommending the user towards procurement of another test for usage. One may wonder to find on how it works.

Digital type

The digital Clear blue pregnancy test reveals the words PREGNANT or NOTPREGNANT as results. Hence, you need not bother on the interpretation of results by yourself. The user is expected to hold the strip in her urine stream.

However, with the digital type, the holder is supplied for insertion of this into and is done generally both before and after the tests.

Holder can be used again but mainly with the Clear blue sticks. Just purchase the kit with one or two or three test sticks. Hello. You need to understand one more thing. You need to wait till the words disappear in the display window when you want to test again after the first test. However, it may take an hour for the words to disappear.

Linkage between reliability and expensive or cheap pregnancy test

Many times, you think that if you spend more money, the final product will be a better one in terms of quality. Yes. Many times, this is proved by means of the beautiful packages and the product reflects a name brand. However, the contents are the same. In such occasions, you may ask ‘What about the home based pregnancy tests?’ Whether the cheap pregnancy test is really reliable as the case with the costly one?

Brand name and value

You need to understand the differences between the name brand and the store brand with regard to the home pregnancy test. Dollars are involved in this. However, once you understand the valuable contents of home pregnancy test kit, then a lot of money can be saved.

It is the ability of the cheap pregnancy test kit in the detection of the pregnancy hormone which is more important in this regard. Yeah. The less cosly one works the same manner, as the costly one.

Pregnancy hormone is otherwise called as hCG and this nick name indicates the hormone produced by the placenta. During pregnancy, this is found in urine and blood and when the test kit detects this, the result becomes positive.

The hCG is estimated in international units by the thousands.Different levels of this hormone is are detected by the home based pregnancy kits. The hormone levels between 25 and 100 mIU are detected by most of the pregnancy tests. However, if your want to test the level of pregnancy level of hCG even at level of 12.5 mIU in home, then you need to go for purchase of First Response only.

The Wal-Mart’s store brand called Equate detects 25 mIU of pregnancy hormone but the home pregnancy test EPT identifies the level of 40 mIU. Though the Equate is a generic brand, this cheap pregnancy test kit detects a lower level of pregnancy hormone.

But, the name brand like EPT is costly but still doing a fine job. The one like Equate with a purple lid also is considered as a home pregnancy test and can find hCG at level of 100 mIU. Hence, take more care in selection of the test.

Matters to be souoght

It is discouraging that the manufacturer don’t want to contain this message on the box and hence, there is no way to tell you before your purchase of the product, even when you go for 800 number on the box.

Online information is easy to approach for any one to find on which home pregnancy test identifies hCG and at which level. In the present case, it is revealed that though it can be a cheap pregnancy test, it is a better one than the brand one. So, never assume that since it is costly, it may reveal sooner. I hope you got the message, now.

Best pregnancy test as judged by women

Yeah. What do women think on these tests? Some women are of the opinion that whether it is the positive or negative result, the best pregnancy test is the one that gives the answer that is expected by them! Is it something funny? But , this is true. Women have many such preferences in case of home pregnancy tests.

Money as a factor

Yes. The cost of the kit is another factor that is important. Some prefer the cheapest one in the market, where as some may look for the best pregnancy test kits that can give fast results and however, the fast results are dependent on how much sensitive is the test kit in detecting pregnancy hormone hCG.

Though EPT was the first home pregnancy test kit in market from the year 1978, this is costlier than the Equate and Equate is Walmart’s store brand which is a cheaper one as well as a more sensitive one to detect the pregnancy hormone and is the best pregnancy test kit in the market.

Quick results

With the Equate home pregnancy test kit, it becomes possible to detect the hCG even at level of 25 mIU (25, 0000 International Units). Quickest results are provided by home kits like this and hence, it is possible that you can get the fast result about your pregnancy on the very first day of your missed period. Yeah. This is true.

First Response is the one that is famous for the home pregnancy test that can give fast results. Even as low as 12.5 mIU may be detected by this test kits and hence, during the first missed day of your period, this can give the result. Since it is a name brand, this is cosly. However, you should understand that when a woman thinks on the fast result about pregnancy, cost is the negligible factor.

How best is to rely on results

The readability of the result is more important one though you are getting the result in a fast manner. In this context, the EPT which has digitalized data now displays words PREGNANT or NONPREGNANT. However, many users need to decipher a color or line change only.

Since the EPT is in the market from 1978 onwards with capability to detect the hCG at 40 mIU, this is still in the desirable product and due to these and years of reliability, it is being considered as the best pregnancy test in the market

Choosing of best home pregnancy test

Lets understand on the choosing of a best home pregnancy test. Online research in details reveals that it is the First Response that is considered to suit this. Yeah. Out of eighteen tests, this stood as best one due to the ability to detect even a minimal amount of hCG, which is the pregnancy hormone and all other home pregnancy tests could not detect such trace amounts of hCG .

Lowest levels of hCG -detections

In CBS’, there were reports aired by the consumers in January, 2003. Even at the level of 6.5 mIU. Many home pregnancy diagnostic kits can detect the next level of 25 mIU. However, the five least sensitive tests used at home for ruling out pregnancy failed to detect hCG level, till it reaches level of 100 mIU and this is according to the consumer reports tested.

First reponse is adjuded as the best home pregnancy test. You know, why? This is because of the fact that this test pack yields results more early. The level of hCG may get changed over many days from the time of attachment of ebryo to the uterine wall. Taking into account that the level of hormone becomes doubled in about every two days, many days are required for a change of hormone level from 6.5 to 100.

Pregnancy hormone (hCG)

You need to know on hCG. This is a pregnancy hormone and is also called as human chorionic gonadotropin which is produced subsequent to the attachment of embryo to the uterine wall. Once it is secreted, this is in blood or urine of a pregnant woman and is detected by tests. Detections by tests that consume longer time are less sensitive. In this context, the best home pregnancy test is the First Response which is a most sensitive one.

Digital type of home pregnancy tests are there but words are being used instead of a line for mentioning about the results. First Response follows a different trend. The appreciable intense readability of the result line in case of First Response was quoted by Consumer Reports. The results of pregnancy detection was found to be better than most of the other tests.

In the report, however, no quote was there about the EPT which is the first home based test for pregnancy and this can detect hCG at 40 mIU. It is a surprise for you to find that they are here for about thirty years as an industry and digital data are given by them with years of reliability. Instead of lines, you will get words PREGNANT or NONPREGNANT in result window.

If you feel or think you might be pregnant, then immediately approach the doctor. In such occasions, it is immaterial whether you have used the best home pregnancy test or the other one.

Why there is a need of a home based accurate pregnancy test

You may think why women many times need a home based accurate pregnancy test, while many tests are done in laboratory. You are correct. But, many women don’t want others to know about their pregnancy and also,they are in need of accrate results too Yeah.. Its true. Further, they may not be willing to wait for the meeting with a doctor for this purpose.

Significance of instructions
Yes. Now let us deal on the directions to be followed. If you are negligible in the following of directions, sure you may be missing some points like how long you need to wait etc. First urine is important. However, if you are not able, then don’t drink more water because this often dilutes the hCG of your urine and the accurate pregnancy test test result may not be good.

Why should we need to use the first urine

Hei. Remember that you need to use only the first urine. This means that the urine after the sleep whether it is day time sleeping as in case of night shift persons or night time sleeping as inm case of regular persons. You know, why? This is because of presence of higher levels of hCG- a pregnancy hormone in urine that remained in bladder for many hours.

Be aware of single time usage of pack

The accurate pregnancy test result is acheieved only when you use the test pack for single time only. Yeah. The pack is meant only for one time usage only. If you want to test again, you might have purchased a double pack.

The accurate pregnancy test result may be so accurate when there a just a trace of hCG in the urine sample. Yeah. Trace amounts enhances the accuracy of test result. No matter even if you are seven to fourteen days late. In such occasions too, the pack will be detecting the quantity of hCG of your urnine sample. You are surprised? But, it is a fact.

There are occasions that you may be willing to have one of the kits which can find out the trace of the pregnancy hormone, if you are one or two days late.

Purhchase of home pregnancy kits need to be carried out with caution in the store. Yes. Don’t select the kit that is dusty and kept at the lowermost shelf of the store.

Please remember that whatever the brand it is, the older ones may be detecting only the larger amounts of hCG only. Hence, you may get only a negative result unless you are seven to fourteen days late..

Whether you get a positive pregnancy test result at home or not, if you feel that you are pregnant, just see you doctor immediately.

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Plans in VoiceWing of Verizon

VoiceWing offers only one residential, unlimited-minutes plan. It charges $34.95 a month, which is more than what its competitors charge for similar services. However, VoiceWing insists that it provides superior service as compared to most VoIP operators, and deserves to charge a higher rate.

This may be true but it is still difficult to justify the high cost they charge when an equally full-featured VoIP service is available for a lesser fee. Moreover, VoiceWing does not offer high voice-quality. There are complaints of a faint rustling sound that can be heard in the background during a call. The sound quality becomes worse when the customer tries to upload a file to the Web while carrying on the conversation. VoiceWing does not provide emergency 911 calling. Instead, it demands physical address upon registration. Hence, immediate service of the emergency personnel cannot be availed in case of emergency.

But all said and done VoiceWing has emerged as an important player in the market. Its market share will continue to increase thanks to the financial muscle of its parent company.

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