Plans with TotalTalk VoIP

TotalTalk VoIP by AOL, which is a successor to AOL Internet Phone, is an enhanced broadband phone service that provides facilities like Caller ID, E911, three-way calling and a Web-based dashboard for call and voicemail management. It allows customers to choose their numbers, and offers several value-added features at no extra charge.

TotalTalk offers three phone plans. A local monthly calling plan costs $13.99 for the first three months; after that the subscription fee rises to $18.99.a month A customer subscribing to this plan can make unlimited local and regional calls. The long-distance calls within USA and to Canada are priced at 4 cents a minute.

The customer can subscribe to a long-distance plan under which he can make unlimited calls. This plan costs $24.99-a-month for the first three months and then $29.99 a month.

The global plan costs $29.99 a month for the first three months. After that the cost goes up to $34.99 a month. This plan provides for unlimited long-distance calls and low overseas rates. For instance, a US caller can call Britain for 2 cents a minute.

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