Types of Automobile Tax Deduction

There are two kinds of automobile tax deduction available under the federal law in the US. The first is for those automobiles that qualify as clean fuel vehicles and gasoline-electric hybrids. The second is for automobiles that are donated to charitable organizations.

Owners of the clean fuel vehicles can receive a one-time tax deduction up to $2,000 while owners of electric vehicles can get a one-time tax credit of $4,000. The IRA describes the clean fuel vehicles as those that are run on Natural gas, Liquefied natural gas (LNG), Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Hydrogen, Electricity (like gasoline/electric hybrids) and any other fuel that is at least 85% alcohol or ether (like E85).

Swing Sets for Adults too!

Swing sets are not only for children you know! There are many great adult style swing sets on the market today. An adult swing set is something that it becoming higher in demand every year. These types of backyard swing sets are very relaxing and nice to look at.

There are a few different styles of great adult swing sets that are available to you. Each of which are made out of great cedar or redwood. Being made of wood, makes these sets that much more attractive. For adults, the main feature that makes them want to buy one of these swing sets is comfort. These swing sets are used for relaxation, not play. This is why they come with great cushions for the seats. The more comfortable you swing is, the more you will love it!