Using filters in coffee machines

The key to these machines is using a gold, nylon, or other type of permanent filters. Permanent filters make sure that the flavor molecules from the coffee grinds pass through into the water, but more importantly, the permanent filters do this without adding unwanted flavors. You may have to clean the filters after each use, but this little bit of extra work is well worth it.

What is wrong with paper filters for coffee machines? They impart an aftertaste into the finished product, and they absorb some of the special flavor molecules and aromatic oils from your coffee beans, which are what gives your cup of joe its tantalizing taste. Rinse paper filters with hot water before using them if you must. This will wash out some of the aftertaste.

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Safe internet buying practices

Still, there are too many legitimate sellers out there on the Web to pass up on because of a few rotten apples. Instead, follow safe Internet buying practices to prevent yourself from getting scammed.

First and foremost, never provide any personal information to someone over e-mail. Only provide it on a Web site if the site is secure. You can tell a site is secure by checking the Web address for a https instead of a http. The extra s stands for secure. Also, some sites will appear with a little key symbol in the browser to let you know it s safe.

Also, check out any retailer on the Web before you purchase from them. See if they have a phone number and a real address. You can even go so far as to research on a comparison site like or on the Better Business Bureau s site. This may seem like a little bit of effort, but in the long run, you ll be paid back by the best prices on golf clubs.